[FFXII: TZA] Hunt Guide – Rank III (3) Monster List

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Hunting Guide for the Rank III (3) Monster list. It includes the Monster Name, Recommended Level, and Unlock Conditions.

Rank III (3) Monster List

  • Hunts can be accessed on the Bulletin Board found in each city or town in the game.
  • The Clan headquarters is located in Rabanastre.
  • Click on a monster to view a guide on how to defeat it.

Rank III Strategy

Gil Snapper Strategy

[Paradise Risen]

Location: The Rains (Tracks of the Beast) – Giza Plains

 * This creature can only be found in the Crystal Glade area of Giza Plains during The Rains.

Lv HP MP Weakness LP
37 86,956 999 Thunder 20
Attacks Steal Reward
1,000 Gil
2,000 Gil
4,000 Gil
3,000 Gil
Phobos Glaze

This creature can be inflicted with Blind and Silence. Although its physical attacks are quite powerful, its magic attacks are much more difficult to deal with. Casting Silence on the Gil Snapper will eliminate its Blizzara and Blizzaga spells.

The Gil Snapper has a slow movement speed and it mostly relies on its healing capabilities whenever its HP is low. Whenever you’re too far away from the Gil Snapper, it will use this as an opportunity to heal itself, so attack it from close range as much as possible.

Hit its weakness when its HP is critically low since its defense will rise drastically. Cast Thunder-type spells against it to deal more damage.

Feral Retriever Strategy

[Befoulment of the Beast]

Location: Spine of the Icewyrm – Paramina Rift

Lv HP MP Weakness LP
28 22559 999 Earth 14
Attacks Steal Reward
Blaster (Silence + Blind + Slow + Sleep)
Mind Lash
Stone Gaze
Quality Pelt
Prime Pelt
1,500 Gil
Recurve Crossbow
Teleport Stone × 2

This creature is not that hard to deal with as long as you know how to counter its Blaster and Stone Gaze abilities. Casting Esuna and Stona is essential in order to counter the said abilities. There are also gambits that you can place that can cure petrification and other status ailments.

It will use Balance once its HP is low, so counter it by using a Quickening right before it can casts the powerful ability.

Ring Wyrm Strategy

[For Whom the Wyrm Tolls]

Location: Windtrace Dunes – Dalmasca Westersand (during a sandstorm)

Lv HP MP Weakness LP
32 128648 999 Fire 16
Attack What can be stealed Punitive reward
Phoenix Down
Water Magicite
200 Gil
Moon Ring

Compared to the other Rank III monsters, its HP is quite high, so prepare for a very long battle.

Cast Haste and Protect regularly while fighting this creature. Also, since it also has a high attack power, casts Blind on it so that it will miss some of its attacks against your party.

Equip some of your party members with Jackboots to negate the Ring Wyrm’s Immobilizega.

Since it is weak to fire, casts powerful Fire-type spells against the creature to deal more damage.

It also uses powerful Fire-based attacks, so equip your party with Flame Shields.

Vorpal Bunny Strategy

[A Chase Through the Woods]

Location: Rustling Chapel – Golmore Jungle

Lv HP MP Weak point LP
31 20010 999 Holy 16
Attacks Steal Reward
Drab Wool
Blood Wool
2,000 Gil
Lightning Arrows
Gillie Boots

The Vorpal Bunny in itself is weak, however; the fight will still be hard due to several other monsters that you have to fight in the battlefield.

It will constantly run away and hide from you, so assign at least one of your party members to keep track of the Vorpal Bunny as it may heal itself once it runs far from you.

Atomos Strategy

[Trouble in the Hills]

Location: Northern Skirts – Mosphoran Highwaste

Lv HP MP Weakness LP
33 40020 360 Holy 16
Attack Steal Reward
Spin Kick
Power Stun
Tanned Giantskin
Gemini Gem
1,800 Gil
Gaia Rod
Diamond Shield

During the first part of the battle, Atomos will have Protect, Shell, and Regen. Take out the enemy Vultures first before dealing with Atomos.

Casting Disable and Blind against Atomos is very effective, since these spells will make its attacks and abilities useless. However, Atomos will eventually use White Wind to immunize itself from status ailments for two minutes, so wait for it to wear off then cast Disable and Blind again.

If Atomos uses Regen, make sure that you counter it using Dispel.

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