Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII - Archer (Sagittarius) Job Class Guide

Archer job class guide for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12:TZA], including licenses, augments, magick, technick, equipment, quickening, gambits, and summoning.

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII: TZA - Game Guide and Walkthrough


The Archer class, representing the zodiac Sagittarius, has the highest single shot damage in the game. Its power often comes from the Augment: Focus, allowing it to increase in damage as long as it stays at full health. One of its special skills is the ability to augment and increase their damage multiplier as they level up. They are a Quick Range class, primarily using bows and light armor.

In terms of magick use, the archer class only has one kind of magick: white magick. They then can only know two White Magicks: Cura and Raise. The only other form of magick they are capable of learning is Summoning. As such, they can summon Espers to aid them in battle.

Archer class members are also the only ones who possess all three Phoenix Down Augments and three Potion Lore Augments. Also, they learn the largest number of Technicks out of the twelve job classes. However, they have very few skills that can augment their abilities, as they are unable to learn Adrenaline.


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The Archer class has a variety of HP boosting augments that increase their survivability. They also have item-boosting licenses that increase their effectiveness in battle.

License LP Notes
HP+30 20
HP+70 30
HP+110 40
HP+150 50
HP+190 60
HP+230 70
HP+270 80
HP+310 90
HP+390 115 Requires Famfrit License.
HP+435 130
Battle Lore 1 30 Increases damage by 2.
Battle Lore 2 30 Increases damage by 5.
Battle Lore 3 50 Requires Chaos License.
Focus 70 Attack is 20% stronger while at Full HP.
Remedy Lore 1 20 Increases Remedy potency to include curing more status effects.
Remedy Lore 2 30
Remedy Lore 3 70
Phoenix Lore 1 30 Greater amount of HP restored with use.
Phoenix Lore 2 50
Phoenix Lore 3 90
Magick Lore 1 30 Increases Magick Power making spells stronger.
Magick Lore 2 30
Magick Lore 3 30
Magick Lore 4 50
Magick Lore 5 50
Swiftness 1 30 Action time is reduced by 10%.
Swiftness 2 50 Action time is reduced by 20%.
Swiftness 3 80 Action time is reduced by 30%.
Martyr 30 Recover MP after taking damage.
Inquisitor 30 Recover MP after dealing damage.
Headsman 30 Recover MP when you kill an enemy.
Potion Lore 1 20 Potions restore 10% more HP per augment.
Potion Lore 2 35
Potion Lore 3 70
Spellbound 30 Positive buffs last 50% longer.
Last Stand 70 Defense increases when HP critical.


License LP Notes
White Magick 4 30 Cura Raise
Requires Quickening 1


As the class with the most of them, the archer class uses Technicks to get them by. This will also serve as one of their main forms of damage output.

License LP Notes
Steal 20
  • Steal items from an enemy.
  • Chances increased when equipped with Thief’s Cuffs.
Libra 25
Poach 30 Capture an enemy at Critical HP to gain an item.
First Aid 20
Charm 30
Achilles 40
MP-HP 30
  • Requires Ultima or Zodiark License.
  • Best paired with Inquisitor and Headsman Augment.
Gil Toss 30
1000 Needles 35 Requires Ultima or Zodiark License.
Revive 40
Shades of Black 70 Casts random Black Magick skills.
Traveler 50
Addle 50
Shear 50


The Archer primarily uses a bow and light armor. However archers can also use the zodiac weapon Sagittarius or Sagittarius A along with some heavy armor.

License LP Equipment
Bows (1) 20 Shortbow
Bows (2) 30 Silver Bow Aevis Killer
Bows (3) 35 Killer Bow Longbow
Bows (4) 45 Elfin Bow Loxley Bow
Bows (5) 60 Giant Stonebow Burning Bow
Bows (6) 70 Traitor’s Bow Yoichi Bow
Bows (7) 90 Perseus Bow Artemis Bow
Sagittarius 130 Sagittarius  –
Sagittarius 200 Sagittarius A
Light Armor (1) 10 Leather Clothing Leather Cap
Light Armor (2) 15 Chromed Leathers
Leather Breastplate
Light Armor (3) 20 Bronze Chestplate
Ring Mail
Leather Headgear
Horned Hat
Light Armor (4) 25 Windbreaker
Heavy Coat
Soldier’s Cap
Light Armor (5) 30 Survival Vest
Green Beret
Red Cap
Light Armor (6) 40 Jujitsu Gi
Viking Coat
Pirate Hat
Light Armor (7) 50 Metal Jerkin
Adamant Vest
Goggle Mask
Adamant Hat
Light Armor (8) 65 Barrel Coat
Power Vest
Officer’s Hat
Chakra Band
Light Armor (9) 70 Ninja Gear
Gigas Chestplate
Thief’s Cap
Gigas Hat
Light Armor (10) 75 Minerva Bustier Chaperon
Light Armor (11) 80 Rubber Suit Crown of Laurels
Light Armor (12) 90 Mirage Vest Renewing Morion
Light Armor (13) 110 Brave Suit Dueling Mask
Heavy Armor (10) 80 Dragon Helm
Dragon Mail
Requires Shemhazai
Heavy Armor (11) 90 Magepower Shishak Maximillian
Heavy Armor (12) 110 Grand Helm Grand Armor
Accessory (1) 5 Orrachea Armlet  –
Accessory (2) 20 Firefly Bangle
Accessory (3) 25 Diamond Armlet Argyle Armlet
Accessory (4) 35 Battle Harness Steel Gorget
Accessory (5) 35 Embroidered Tippet Tourmaline Ring
Accessory (6) 35 Golden Amulet Leather Gorget
Accessory (7) 40 Turtleshell Choker Rose Corsage
Accessory (8) 45 Thief’s Cuffs Gauntlets
Accessory (9) 30 Amber Armlet Black Belt
Accessory (10) 40 Jade Collar Nishijin Belt
Accessory (11) 45 Pheasant Netsuke Blazer Gloves
Accessory (12) 60 Gillie Boots Steel Poleyns
Accessory (13) 60 Berserker Magick Gloves
Accessory (14) 70 Sage’s Ring Agate Ring
Accessory (15) 70 Ruby Ring Bowline Sash
Accessory (16) 70 Cameo Belt Cat-Ear Hood
Accessory (17) 80 Bubble Belt Fuzzy Miter (Fuzzy Mitre)
Accessory (18) 80 Sash Power Armlet
Accessory (19) 100 Winged Boots Indigo Pendant
Accessory (20) 115 Opal Ring Hermes Sandals
Accessory (21) 130 Quasimodo Boots Nihopalaoa
Accessory (22) 160 Germinas Boots Ring of Renewal
Ribbon Equip 215 Ribbon

Quickenings, Gambits, and Summoning

License LP Notes
Gambit Slot 15
Gambit Slot 20
Gambit Slot 25
Gambit Slot 30
Gambit Slot 35
Gambit Slot 40
Gambit Slot 45
Gambit Slot 50
Gambit Slot 70
Gambit Slot 100
Quickening 50
Quickening 75
Quickening 100
Quickening 125
Belias 20
Mateus 30
Zalera 30
Adrammelech 35
Hashmal 50
Cúchulainn 50
Shemhazai 50
Exodus 65
Zeromus 65
Chaos 100
Famfrit 100


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