[Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age/ FF12:TZA] List of Job Classes

This article contains the directory for the job classes in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

Job Classes

According to Square Enix, one of the things they had to fix in Final Fantasy XII was the job classes. Their job class system now allows a character to have two jobs at once. This means that one can mix a variety of attacks and combos in order to increase DPS output. The stats for each job class increase depending on the number of licenses augmented or your own character level. Instead of a single board, there are now 12 boards that correspond to the 12 different zodiacs.


Unlike Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age allows you to swap between jobs. It’s either to swap between jobs or to combine the skills of both jobs into one. Because of this, there’s more combinations and chances to increase a certain set of stats.

In order for you to get your two jobs, you have to go through the License Board. There are twelve license boards and depending on the zodiac you choose, it’ll give you a specific job class. Once you do this, complete the missions and you’ll get your new skills and look.

List of Job Classes

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