[FFXII: TZA] Sidequest Walkthrough – No More Heroes?

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Sidequest Walkthrough – No More Heroes? This will contain the items, enemies, and everything you’ll come across in this sidequest.

No More Heroes?

Side Quest Availability

  • Access Conditions
    Defeat Judge Bergan and finish after accomplishing Draklor Laboratory
  • Missable Conditions


  1. Talk to Seeq Jovy in Nalbina Fortress West Ward.
  2. Finish the Mob Hunt – Trouble in the Hills: Defeat Atomos.
  3. Report it to purveyor Burrogh at Jajim Bazaar in Nalbina Fortress.
  4. Finish the Mob Hunt – Adding Insult to Injury: Defeat Roblon.
  5. Report to purveyor Morgen who is situated West Ward of Nalbina Town.
  6. Finish the Mob Hunt – The Creature Collector: Defeat Goliath.
  7. Report to the purveyor Barrong who is situated West Ward of Nalbina Town.
  8. Finish the Mob Hunt – Dead City Watch: Defeat Deathscythe.
  9. Report to the purveyor’s Popol at Jajim Bazaar in Nalbina Fortress.
  10. Finish the Mob Hunt – Carrot Stalk: Defeat Carrot.
  11. Report to the purveyor Zammadria at the Nalbina Aerodome.
  12. Return to Nalbina Fortress West Ward then report the progress to Jovy.
  13. A cutscene will ensue and you will receive the following items: Knot of Rust and Elixir.

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