Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII - Three Medallions Sidequest Walkthrough

Sidequest Walkthrough for Three Medallions in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA], including methods to access it, rewards, and enemies

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII: TZA - Game Guide and Walkthrough


How to Unlock Missable Conditions
Start the White Mousse and Orthros Mob hunts after finishing Ondore Estate None
    1. Finish the White Mousse Mob Hunt to receive the Sluice Gate Key.
    2. Continue with the story until you obtain the Dawn Shard.
    3. Finish the Orthos Mob Hunt to receive the Blackened Fragment from purveyor Samaru in North Sprawl.
    4. Head to Rabanastre North Sprawl for an event.
    5. Finish the Wraith Mob hunt, then proceed to Garamsythe Waterway and inspect Dig’s desk
    6. Proceed to Garamsythe Waterway’s Central Control District
    7. Use the Sluice Gate Key to activate the water level control device.
    8. Operate the control device according to the letter’s cipher. Turn off all switches first.
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East (Number 11) Southeast (Number 4) East (Number 11) Southwest (Number 3) Southeast (Number 4)
On On Off On Off
  1. Check the map to see the coordinates of the Fragments’ location. Locate them to loot the Dull Fragment.

Hunting the Grimy Fragment

  1. Talk to Ma’kleou in Nabreus Deadlands.
  2. Return to Rabanastre Lowtown and talk to Roh’kenmou at Old Dalan’s house.
  3. Talk to Ma’kleou in North Lowtown or Filo in the Southeast Lowtown
  4. Talk to the Curious Woman outside the plaza in Rabanastre central section.
  5. Look for the bangaa merchant at Muthru Bazaar and ask him about the necklace.
  6. Talk to the Sotted Imperial at the Magick Shop and pick the first dialogue option.
  7. Return to Filo south of Lowtown. Say “Let’s go.”
  8. Return to the Magick Shop to get more clues from the Sotted Imperial. Receive the Grimy Fragment.

Finding the Medallions

  1. Progress in the Main Story until you reach Archades.
  2. Converse with Roh’kenmu in the Magick Shop.
  3. Receive Moonsilver Medallion from Otto in the Alley of Muted Sighs in Old Archades.
  4. Return to the Magick shop and deliver the Moonsilver Medallion to Roh’kenmu.
  5. With the two medals ready, return to Ma’kleou in Nabreus Deadlands
  6. Receive the three medallions: Medallion of Love, Medallion of Bravery, and Lustreless Medallion in Nabreus Deadlands.
  7. Use the Medallion of Love to unlock the entrance to the boss. Battle against Fury in the back room of the Cloister of Reason.
  8. Insert the Medallion of Bravery to pass through the Cloister of Solace. Duel against Humbaba Mistant.
  9. Once you defeat the two bosses, the Lustreless Medallion transforms into the Medallion of Might, the key to entering The Crucible.
  10. You will be facing the Esper Chaos.

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  1. I can’t find the dull fragment. I’ve opened the gates correctly but can’t find it. Which map are you referring to on step 9?