[Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age] Heavy Body Armor List

This is a Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age armor list. Here you will find details on Heavy Body Armor.

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Heavy Armor List – Body

Name Defense License
Leather Armor 6 Heavy Armor 1
Bronze Armor 7 Heavy Armor 1
Scale Armor 9 Heavy Armor 2
Iron Armor 11 Heavy Armor 2
Linen Cuirass 14 Heavy Armor 3
Chainmail 17 Heavy Armor 3
Golden Armor 21 Heavy Armor 4
Shielded Armor 25 Heavy Armor 4
Demon Mail 30 Heavy Armor 5
Bone Mail 35 Heavy Armor 5
Diamond Armor 40 Heavy Armor 6
Mirror Mail 44 Heavy Armor 7
Platinum Armor 49 Heavy Armor 8
Carabineer Mail 53 Heavy Armor 9
Dragon Mail 57 Heavy Armor 10
Genji Armor 63 Genji Armor
Maximillian 64 Heavy Armor 11
Grand Armor 67 Heavy Armor 12

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