[FFXII: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 9 – Rain in the Giza Plains – Journey to Jahara

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Main Walkthrough for Part 9–Journey to Jahara This will contain the items, the bosses, the enemies, and everything you’ll come across in Giza Plains and Ozmone Plains.

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Part 9 – Journey to Jahara

Giza Plains – Rainy Season

Take note that enemies will change in the Giza Plains per season. In the rain, enemies will become stronger.

  1. Head south  via Starfall Field to enter to Ozmone Plain 
    • There is a dead tree on the road. It’s related to the Great Cockatrice Escape sidequest.
    • You can receive a quest to defeat it in Rabanastre, but this is optional and would not affect the story, so you don’t have to do it right now.
  2.  Save Up before heading into Ozmone! 
      • Head to Crystal Glade to find a save crystal.  
     Ozmone plain has a save crystal but isn’t placed in an obvious spot. You can find it in the Sunlit Path.

Ozmone Plain

  1. Head south towards Jahara

    There’s a dungeon called Zertinian Caverns in the Switchback. The enemies there are incredibly strong, so if you have characters with great levels, head down there.

Jahara, Land of the Garif

  1. Talk to the Garif Warriors in front of the bridge 
    • Upon entering the Land of the Garif, you can save. Save up.
    • Buy a map of Ozmone Plains from the shop nearby.
  2. Items that can be received by action change
  3. First Pattern 
    • Talk to the garif until you receive a Jaya Stick High Chief Zayalu in the Lull of the Land area.
    • Afterwards, head to Supinelu and hand over the Jaya Stick.
  4. Second Pattern 
    • Note that if you sell it, you’ll get 500 gil and eventually get Killer Bow and  Onion Arrows. If not, you’ll get the Bowgun and Onion Bolts.
  5. Head east through Ozmone Plains and proceed to the Golmore Jungle  
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The Tomb of Raithwall
Traversing the Golmore Jungle

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