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This article contains the directory redirecting to all guest characters encountered in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12:TZA].

Below is a list of guest characters from Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII: TZA. Included are their background information and their voice actor/actress.

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII: TZA - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Guest Characters

The guest characters temporarily join your party. The player has no control over them. These units have their own gambits and equipment which allow them to function in combat. Some of them return twice in the game, others stay with you only for that one mission. Since they do so, it’s best not to give them any strong equipment or to be too reliant on them.

Despite their temporary stay, some of them do have importance in the story. They are the ones that help you on certain quests due to their specific gambits or skill sets that the player needs to get through. After that quest is done however, these units will leave and you’ll be left with the original party.

List of Guest Characters

Character Background Voice Actor / Actress
FF 12 _ Amalia
Amalia is the successor to and only daughter of King Raminas of Dalmasca. Although she appeared to be quiet at first, the encounter with Vaan created a change in her heart.
VA (JP): Mie Sonozaki
VA (EN): Kari Wahlgren
FF 12 _ Basch
A general of the kingdom of Dalmasca, Basch was once a hero who won numerous fights and was known as a brave general. Unlike other generals of the nobility, he was born a commoner.
VA (JP): Rikiya Koyama
VA (EN): Keith Ferguson


FF 12 _ Larsa
Lamont is the fourth son of Emperor Gramis. He seeks peace in Ivalice, wishing to end the war that engulfs his land into chaos.
VA (JP): Yuka Imai
VA (EN): Johnny McKeown
FF 12 _ Reddas
Reddas, a former Judge, forsook his original name and now lives in Balfonheim. He continues to atone for his past while looking after the party.
VA (JP): Takayuki Sugo
VA (EN): Phil LaMarr
FF 12 _ Vossler
Vossler is a patriotic Dalmascan that seeks to have its honor restored. He is a very pragmatic and resourceful hume that desires nothing but Dalmasca’s rising again.
VA (JP): Masaki Terasoma
VA (EN): Nolan North

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