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This is a Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age story walkthrough guide. Here you will find details on how to reach Final Fantasy XII’s ending in the quickest way. You’ll find detailed information on the links below.

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Main Story Walkthrough Guide

Table of Contents
Prologue Rabanastre Royal Palace
Garamsythe Waterway Barheim Passage Bhujerba
Dreadnought Leviathan Tomb of Raithwall Jahara
Golmore Jungle Henne Mines Mt. Bur-Omisace
Nalbina Fortress Sochen Cave Palace Archades
Feywood Giruvegan Pharos
Sky Fortress Bahamut

Story Walkthrough Summary

Part 1: Prologue 

  • You are Rex, fighting a battle in Nalbina Fortress. Talk to Basch. Destroy the boss, Air Cutter Remora. Fight with three imperial swordsmen alone.
  • Go to Dalmasca Estersand and visit Miguelo’s Sundries and the Sandsea at the city center of Rabanastre. Kill the Rogue Tomato.

Part 2: Rabanastre 

  • Go to Dalmasca Estersand and visit Miguelo’s Sundries and the Sandsea at the city center of Rabanastre. Kill the Rogue Tomato. (contiunation)
  • Meet Old Dalan in Rabanastre Lowtown. Afterwards, head to Giza Plains.

Part 3: Giza Plains (included in part 2)

  • In Giza Plains – Nomad Village, talk to Jinn at the quartz crystal to get a shadestone.  If you hold the stone on three crystals and return to Jinn’s location.
  • Return to Rabanastre and visit Old Dalang’s house in Rabanastre Lowtown.
  • From the 5th warehouse, go up the waterway stairs and enter the Garansmythe Waterway.

Part 4: Entering Rabanastre Royal palace 

  • Garamsmythe Waterway
    Head to the Royal Palace through the water way.
  • Royal Palace
    Meet up with Balthier and Fran.
    Head up to the garden preservation staircase and enter Garansmythe waterway again.
  • Garamsmythe Waterway
    Run through the Eastern Side Adjustment Stair → Eastern Water Control Section→ East District Water Contorl Section.
    Talk to Amalia.
    Head on to South Intake corridor → West Water Volume Adjustment Section→10th Main Waterway→Central Control. Fight Firemane in the final processing section at the far end.

Part 5: Escape from Nalbina Fortress

  • Battle against the bangaa in the underground dungeon.
    Underground Dungeon→ Fighting Field→ Underground Dungeon Entrance. 
  • Meet Basch.
  • Barheim Pass Giant Gateway →  Third Special Working Area→ Proceed to the 37th Working Pane, press “Fence Opening Switch”.
  • Third Special Work Center→Main Gateway Central Crossing Zone →Zebia Great Cavity → 4th Terminal Connection Route, battle with the Mimic Queen boss.
  • Return to Rabanastre
    Returning to Rabanastre, Balthier, Fran, and Basch will leave the party. You’ll get the Dalmascan sword from Dalang in Lowtown. Give it to a Rabanastre citizen in the northern down town.
  • Basch can be found on the second floor of the Sandsea. Board their airship and fly to Bhujerba.

Part 6: The Skycity Bhujerba 

  • Upon arrival on Skycity Bhujerba, head on over to Lhusu Mines.
  • Leave Lhusu mines after completing the quest.
  • Spread rumors of Basch’s condition all over Bhujerba.

Part 7: Dreadnought Leviathan 

  • Fight with the judges and the soldiers in the lower middle block, then head to the first brig. Ashe can be found there. Leave the Leviathan.
  • Head through the Ogir-Yensa and Nam-Yensa Sandsea.

Part 8: The Tomb of King Raithwall

  • Upon arrival, you’ll fight with Garuda.  
  • Touch the artifact to transport you into the tomb.
  •  You’ll meet the Demon Wall boss on a bridge in the Royal Tomb.
  • Fight Belias in the Corridor of the Flame.
  • Imperial Army Light Cruiser Shiva
    Fight Vossler and three imperial swordsmen.

Part 9: The Journey through the Ozmone Plains 

  • Giza Plains
    Head through Giza, and then Ozmone, and head towards the Garif Village.
  • Speak to the elders, warrior chief, and the oldest elder.
  • Purchase a Chocobo at the entrance and head east through Golmore Jungle.

Part 10: Looking for the Eryut Village 

  • After heading east into Golmore Jungle, look for the Eryut village.
  • Head back through the Ozmone plains. Using a chocobo, head south and look for the entrance to Henne Mines. 

Part 11: Fighting Tiamat and The Trek up Mt. Bur-Omisace 

  • Enter the mines.
  • Operate the switch of the Henne Mines North Commercial Portion.
  • Battle with Tiamat in the back of the section connecting Line B and save Mjrn.
  • If you get Lente’s Tear, you’ll be able to  raise EXP level effectively.
  • In Golmore Jungle, use Lente’s Tears in the Great Forest. Fight the Elder Wyrm. 
  • Proceed to Paramina Rift northeast and trek up the mountain to Mount Bur-Omisace.

Note: You can take a much, much more dangerous shortcut into Paramina rift by taking the Feywood route in the Golmore Jungle.

Part 12: Mt. Bur-Omisace and the Sword of Kings

  • Talk to the Priest atop Mt. Bur-Omisace in the temple.
  • Descend from the mountain and cross the Paramina Rift to reach the Stillshine of Miriam.
  • Operate statues to face the center and battle Vinuskar. 
  • When you release the sword, head back and battle Mateus. Upon receiving the Sword of Kings, leave for Mt. Bur-Omisace.
  • Fight with Judge Bergan inside the temple.

Part 13: The Journey to Archades: Mosphoran Highwaste – Salikawood

  • Mosphoran Highwaste
    Find a Warp Crystal and use it to travel to Nalbina Citadel. There you can head through Mosphoran Highwaste and through the Salikawood.
  • Salikawood
    Talk to the moogle in the eastern part of the forest. Find his nine disciples. After discovering all the disciples, report to the boss moogle and leave for Phon Coast. 

Part 14: The Journey to Archades: Phon Coast – Tchita Uplands – Sochen Cave Palace 

  • Head for the Hunter’s Camp in Phon Coast. 
  • Tchita Uplands
    Proceed eastward and get a key from travellers near a save crystal. Head north towards the Sochen Cave Palace
  • Sochen Cave Palace
    Using the key, enter the palace. Fight through the hordes of enemies until you reach Ahriman.
  • Proceed deeper into the cave after battle, then operate the mechanism.

Part 15: Infiltrating Draklor Laboratory

  • Old Archades
    Talk to the imperial soldier near the save crystal.
    Get information by handing 1,500 gil to Jules.
    Act as instructed and then talk to Jules again.
  • Imperial City of Archades
    An event occurs and Balthier won’t be part of the party. Talk to the taxi guide in Nimbas. Pay 2500 gil and talk to Jules again.
    Collect nine leaves.
    After collecting the leaves, talk to the taxi guide again and then tell him to take you to the Zenobul district.
    Balthier comes back. Head to the original location and ask the taxi guide to go to Draklor Laboratory. 
  • Draklor Laboratory
    From your starting area, head up to the 67th floor using the northern elevator. Get the Draklor Laboratory map and card on the 67th floor.
    Ascend to the 70th floor and battle with Doctor Cid. 

Part 16: The Journey to Giruvegan 

  • Port of Balfonheim
    Note: strong equipment can be found in the shop, so it’s good to farm gil for equipment here.
    Take a chocobo from Balfonheim
  • Golmore Jungle
    Head towards a save crystal in the south. Battle with Rafflesia. 
    Upon its death, head for the Ancient City of Giruvegan.

Part 17: The Ancient City of Giruvegan 

  • Use the way stone to enter the structure.
  • Head deeper into the city until you find and fight Daedalus. 
  • After the battle, head deeper into the dungeon.
  • You’ll find a save crystal as you traverse the invisible floor. Battle with the Tyrant. 
  • Enter the Great Crystal upon defeating the Tyrant. When you enter the innermost room, you’ll have to fight Shemhazai.
  • Go through the gate and use the way stone.

Part 18: Pharos

  • Ridorana Cataract
    Using the Strahl, Balthier’s Airship, head for Ridorana Cataract. From there, cross the Cataract and enter the Great Lighthouse.
  • Pharos
    Upon entry, you’ll immediately fight Hydro. Kill it and witness a blue ball of light appear. Examining this, you’ll get black beads. Three black beads will unlock the black seal. Upon opening the seal, you’ll have to battle Pandemonium. 
  • Using the way stone after the battle, move to the 10th floor. Proceed through the first turning corridor 1→4. Battle with the boss Slyt. Using the way stone, enter the middle stratum of the Pharos.
  • From the 60th to the 64th floor, use the stairs to ascend up the floors.
  • Fight with Fenrir on the 65th floor.
  • Use the altar on the 66th floor.
  • On the 67th floor, enter the upper level with a transfer device.

Part 19: The Final Battles 

  • Use the way stone to travel to the 90th floor. Fight the boss Hashmal. Upon defeat, Gabranth and Cid will fight you consecutively.
  • Bahamut Aerial Fortress
    Using the airship, set a course for “Sky Fortress Bahamut”, next to Rabanastre. Operate the lift operation panel and select “Raise the lift.” From here, you’ll be fighting a ton of bosses.
  • Fight Gabranth. After the battle, if you  raise the lift, you’ll fight Vayne, then Vayne Novus, and then finally Vayne the Undying. 
  • Enjoy the ending sequence.

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