Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII - [FFXII: TZA] Sidequest Walkthrough – Patient in the Desert

This article contains the walkthrough for the Patient in the Desert Sidequest.

Sidequest Walkthrough for Patient in the Desert in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA], including methods to access it, rewards, and enemies.

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Patient in the Desert

Side Quest Availability

  • Access Conditions
    • Obtaining the Dawn Shard.
    • Complete Dalmasca Desert Bloom Hunt.
    • Complete the Flowering Cactoid Hunt and Nidhogg Hunts.
  • Missable Conditions

Side Quest Walkthrough

Before doing this, make sure you did the Nidhogg Hunt to have a smoother time. 

  1. Speak to Dantro outside the outpost.
  2. Give Dantro’s wife the Cactuar Bloom Flower. She’s at the South Bank Village.
    • While running this quest, you can also do the Cactuar Family Quest.
    • She’ll reward you with 1000 Needles after receiving the flower.
  3. Leave the village and return to talk to Dantro’s wife. She’ll ask you to find some Semclam Shells.
    • While you only need one, there are five. The more you give, the better the reward.
    • Two are in South Bank Village.
    • Three in the Banks of the Nebra.
  4. After receiving the Semclam Shells, she’ll ask for some Nebralim Vials.
    • Head back to the outpost and speak to Dantro.
    • Dantro will inform you that the vials are among the boxes.
    • Check around the boxes. While you only need one, it is best to get two for better rewards.
  5. Once you surrender the Nebralim Vials, Dantro will ask for Vableblossom Dew.
    • Head to the flowering trees in the Broken Sands on the north bank. Again, only one is required.
    • However, for better rewards, collect all three.
  6. After receiving the Vableblossom Dew, Dantro’s wife will ask for one Great Serpentskin.
    • If you performed the Nidhogg hunt earlier, give the Great Serpentskin to the recovering traveler to receive the Barheim Key which you’ll need for one of the Espers: Zalera, the Death Seraph.


Depending on the amount of materials given, the rewards will vary.

# of Items Patient Reward 1 Reward 2
 3-7 Bangaa Barheim Key Balance Mote
8-12 Hume Barheim Key Magick Gloves
13 Moogle  Barheim Key Golden Amulet

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Small suggestion: before taking up this quest with goal of getting the Golden Amulet at the end of it, first check that you haven’t sold the Great Serpentskin.

It’s not like it’s a quest item, or anything, so why shouldn’t you have sold that Loot item that you would have presumed would be listed as a Key Item if you should really, really keep hold of it…

just a noob

So i count 12 items, GA requires thirteen………………

Final Fantasy Fan

How did you get 12? The Great Serpentskin is worth 3 rather than 1 so the total should be 13 if you give the maximum amount of each item the wife asks for.


Where does it say, in the quest description, that the Great Serpentskin counts as 3 items?

1 x Cactuar Bloom Flower
5 x Semclam Shells
2 x Nebralim Vials
3 x Vableblossom Dew
1 x Great Serpentskin

= 12 separate items

In fact, if it did count as 3, then the final total would actually be 14, so the final text should state that “13+” is what is needed to get the best result.