[FFXII: TZA] Hunt Guide – Rank IV (4) Monster List

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Hunting Guide for the Rank IV (4) Monster list. It includes the Monster Name, Recommended Level, and Unlock Conditions.

Rank IV (4) Monster List

  • Hunts can be accessed on the Bulletin Board found in each city or town in the game.
  • The Clan headquarters is located in Rabanastre.
Monster Name Recommended Lv Prerequisites
S rank
Mindflayer 25 · After visiting the Stilshrine of Miriam
Braegh 35 · After visiting the Stilshrine of Miriam
Darksteel 40 · After visiting Archades

Rank IV Strategy

Mindflayer Strategy

[The Mine Flayer]

Location: Phase 1 Dig area – Henne Mines
* Talk to a garif named Asdalu in the Staging Shaft of Henne Mines and he will take you to the location of the boss.

Lv HP MP Weakness LP
35 31161 999 None 18
Attacks Steal Reward
Time Requiem (Inflicts Stop)
Dark Shock (Inflicts Sap + Blind)
Mystery Waltz
Hero’s March (Protect + Shell + Haste + Bravery + Faith)
Soul Etude (Healing)
Float Mote
Vanishga Mote
2,200 gil

[Battle Tips]

The Mindflayer will use different elemental magicks during the first half of the battle. Also, during the second half of the battle, it will use Soul Etude to fully recover its HP and MP and Hero’s March to cast Protect, Shell, Haste, Bravery, and Faith to itself.

This boss is quite difficult to deal with because of its wide range of attacks, but you can cast Berserk on the boss to prevent it from casting magick. However, the Mindflayer may eventually cast Invert to cure itself from Berserk.

Regularly cast Shell on your party members to minimize the damage of the enemy’s magic attacks.

Braegh Strategy

[Rodeo to the Death]

Location: Corridor of Ages – Salikawood

Lv HP MP Weakness LP
35 43283 17 Ice 17
Attacks Steal Reward
Snake Lash
Storm Magicite
Storm Crystal
Grimoire Aidhed
1,700 Gil

[Battle Tips]
Reflect is very effective against this boss.
Since Ice is its weakness, equip at least one of your party members with Icebrand then cast Berserk and Haste on him/her and the boss will become easy to deal with.

Darksteel capture

[Shelled Obstruction]

Location: Temptation Eluded area – Sochen Cave Palace

Lv HP MP Weakness LP
38 111331 999 Holy 21
Attacks What can be stealed Punitive reward
Power Spin (Inflicts Slow)
Stone Gaze
Aged Turtle Shell
Ancient Turtle Shell
3,000 gil
Lead Bolts

You can cast Slow to the Darksteel to decrease its speed since it increases every time the boss casts Darkga.

The Nihopalaoa+Remedy trick will work against this boss. By using this trick, the Darksteel will be inflicted with multiple status ailments.

If the Darksteel is inflicted with status ailments, it will run around chasing one of your party members. Place a party member as a decoy for the boss to chase around the battlefield, then attack the Darksteel using your remaining party members.

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