[FFXII: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 15 – Archades

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Main Walkthrough for Part 15 – Archades. This will contain the items, the bosses, the enemies, and everything you’ll come across in this particular part.

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Part 15 – Archades

Old Archades

  1. Meet Jules
    • There is a save crystal at the end of Old Archades.
    • Talk to the Imperial soldiers nearby
    • Jules will appear after you talk to the soldier. Give him 1,500 gil.
  2. Act according to the procedures that you received from Jules
    • Go back to Sochen Cave Palace talk to the Lucky Man.
    • Talk to Jules again.
    • You can now enter Archades  since the two Imperial soldier are not guarding it anymore.


  1. Buy a map at Bulward’s Technicks
    • When you enter Archades, Balthier will leave the party for a while.
    • Buy a map of Tchita Uplands and Archades at Bulward’s Technicks.
  2. Collect 9 Pine Chops
    • Go to Niblasse district and talk to the taxi driver.
    • Pay Jules 2500 gil and he will give you some tips on how to collect Pine Chops. Click here to know more about this sub-mission.
    • After you gather 9 Pine Chops, you will now be able to ride the taxi.
    • Take the taxi and ask to be transported to Tsenoble.
  3. Complete the events in Tsenoble Ward
    • Balthier will return to your party once you depart to Tsenoble
    • A cutscene will occur a little bit after you depart.
    • Take a taxi and head back to Nilbus.
    • Talk to the taxi drive to go to Draklor Laboratory.

Draklor Laboratory

    1. In this area there will be two kinds doors, one is colored red while the other is blue. The red one will close once you open the blue door and vice versa.
  1. Go to the laboratory on the 67th floor
    • At first there will be no enemies in the 66th floor.
      Take the elevator and head to the 67th floor.
      It is possible for your party to go to the 68th floor, but since there is nothing to do in that floor, you do not need to go there.
    • When you get off the elevator, head west and collect some items.
      Press the switch in that area and you can access a small room with more items.
      After collecting the items, press the switch again to return to the hall where the elevator is.
    • Head to the laboratory by going through the passage to the east.
      There will be a save crystal in a small room in front of the laboratory.
    • A cutscene will occur once you enter the laboratory.
    • You will get a map and laboratory card for the Draklor Laboratory in this room.
  2. Proceed to the 68th floor
    You would have to press the switches frequently in this area in order to proceed.

    • Once you’re at the 68th floor, enter the small room on the left so that the red door opens.
    • Continue along the passage until you reach the top of the map then proceed to the west.
    • Once you proceed to the west side of the map, enter the small room and press the switch to open the blue door.
    • In the room heading to the small room at the bottom left of the map, press the switch to open the red door.
    • Take the elevator and head to the 70th floor.
  3. Boss battle at the 70th floor
      • There is a save crystal once you get off the elevator.
      • There is an accessory called the “Pheasant Netsuke” on the right side of the aisle.
      • Once you enter the next room a boss battle between your team and Doctor Cid (accompanied by four Rooks). Click here for a detailed boss guide for Cid.
    Any physical attack directed to Cid is useless if the Rooks are still alive. Kill the four Rooks first before concentrating on defeating Cid. If Doctor Cid’s HP reaches 70%, the battle will end.
  4. A cutscene will occur that leads to your party members being transported to Balfonheim Port

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