[FFXII: TZA] Quickenings: How To Learn Them

This article aims to show how Quickening Licenses are learned.

This article aims to explain how to learn Quickenings in the new and remastered, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12:TZA].

How to learn Quickenings

For a character to learn a Quickening, they have to learn via the license board. However, the license board is not the same across all job classes. Some job classes only have three. However, the Shikari is one of the few job classes that have four Quickenings.

Learning Requirements for Quickenings

Learning the Quickening licenses include a variety of requirements. For example:

License LP Notes
Quickening 50 Ninja Sword 1
Quickening 75 Ninja Sword 2
Quickening 100 Ninja Sword 3
Quickening 125 Orochi N & Yagyuu Darkblade

Table 1. Excerpt of the Shikari License Board.

Based on the table, there are four quickenings for the Shikari class. Each Quickening as the points increase, also increases the damage output along with the difficulty of execution. On the second column, the word “LP” means “License Points”. The License Points are earned via Mob Hunts, boss fights, Esper boss fights, and other story-related battles.

However, the License Points are not always enough. In the third column, there’s a list of licenses. Those are the licenses one must have before getting Quickening. Because of this, it may take a lot of License Points and farming in order to earn those Licenses. Most especially, for Quickenings.

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