Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII - Hunt Guide – Rank II (2) Monster List

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Hunting Guide for the Rank II Hunt Guide, such as Monster Name, Recommended Level, and Unlock Conditions.

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Hunting Guide for the Rank II Hunt list. It includes the Monster Name, Recommended Level, and Unlock Conditions.

Rank II (2) Monster List

  • Hunts can be accessed on the Bulletin Board found in each city or town in the game.
  • The Clan headquarters is located in Rabanastre.

Rank II Strategy

Wyvern Lord Strategy

[A Scream from the Sky]
Location: Nam-Yensa Sandsea (innermost of Simoon Bluff)

Lv HP MP Weakness LP
18 18,669 720 Earth 8
Attacks Steal Reward
Yensa Scale
Crooked Fang
Wyvern Wing
1,000 Gil
Elfin Bow
Shell Shield

[Battle Tips]

Keep in mind that Wyvern Lord is a flying type creature. It is thus recommended to use Long range weapons, Guns, bows, dual handed spears, two handed poles, two handed staves. Apart from those weapons, use Magick to weaken Wyvern Lord such as Blind and Slow.

It deals high damage using Wind attribute attacks. To halve the damage make sure to equip Wind resistant gears like Windbreaker.


[The Defense of Ozmone Plain]
Location: Ozmone Plain (The Shred)
* Head to Errmonea Leaf to Regina of Giza Plains village (dry season) to obtain Remedy × 2.

Lv HP MP Weakness LP
22 18,709 210 Wind 9
Attacks Steal Reward
Earth Magicite
Slaven Harness
1,100 Gil
Gold Amulet

[Battle Tips]

Most attributes other than Wind are halved when dealt to this Mark. One of the recommended Magick to use is Aero due to his glaring weakness to this attribute. Weapons-wise, Gladius complements Aero well to provide heavy damage.

Since each of its strikes deal heavy damage, cast Disable or Blind when the battle starts. In terms of physical attacks, its Spinkick is an Area-of-Effect. Keep one of your characters distant to minimize the chances of sustaining further damage.

Upon shaving further of its HP, its augment will trigger, further boosting its Defence.
Other than using Aero, cast other offensive Magick to bypass its Defensive boosts and deal consistent damage.

If you have Larsa in the party, have Larsa focus on healing while ensuring that you conserve Potions consumed in the process.


[The Dead Ought Sleep Forever]
Location: Henne Mines (Phase 1 Shift)

Lv HP MP Weakness LP
24 22, 562 999 Holy 12
Attacks Steal Reward
Annul (a to 0 MP)
Dark Crystal
Book of Orgain-Mille
Flame Shield
1,500 Gil
Soul Powder

[Battle Tips]

Be wary of its Annul as it drains all of your party member’s MP. It can also prevent any characters from recovering with its other Attacks making it a dangerous Mark to face.

Stock up on Phoenix Downs as you will eventually run out of MP in this long enduring battle

It is vulnerable to Holy Magick which means that you can deal offensive Magick using your Recovery spells. To do this, select the Magick desired then aim at the enemy by pressing L1.
Cast Reflect first then follow up with Cura to deal severe damage to this Mark.


[A Ring in the Rain]
Location: Giza Plains Wet season (Starfall Field)
* After the reaching Giza Plains (dry season). Events will occur as you reach the Ring of the Toad to the head of the village.

Lv HP MP Weakness LP
24 19,449 780 Fire 10
Attacks Steal Reward
Growing Threat (Doubles level and increases Stats)
Aqua Bubbles
Angel’s Song
Pointed Horn
Aries Gem
1,200 G
Serpent Rod
Teleport Stone

[Battle Tips]

Croakadile will cast Shell and Bravery, it can be nullified using Dispel. In case you do not have Dispel, wait around 3 minutes for it to expire. In addition, cast Slow and Blind to bypass his high attack.

Once you encounter its second phase, be wary of its deadly Aqua Breath which is a Long range attack as it would amount to 1000 damage.

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