[FFXII: TZA] Recommended Gambits

This article contains a recommended list of gambits for you to use and a sample application as to how the Gambits work.

This article aims to explain a bit of the Gambit system and give a list of recommended Gambits to use in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA].

Recommended Gambits

When entering battle, your allies have a variety of commands known as Gambits. These Gambits function similarly to tactics or orders in combat that your allies will have to follow. By issuing a Gambit to an ally, they’ll be able to perform in battle a specific role one needs covered.

Each of the gambits however will vary depending on the character the player issues the orders to.

If you want to know what Gambits are, click here.

List of Recommended Gambits

These are the gambits the player should buy as early as possible in the game.

Recommended Gambits
Gambit Name Reasoning
Foe: Flying This is for dealing with flying enemies. Those who have ranged weapons should have a Gambit combo that deals specifically for Flying Foes.
Foe: Undead The Undead Gambit allows players to maximize damage against Undead creatures. Characters who have healing abilities or give it to the Job Classes: White Mage or Monk.
Self: Buff Buffs are important in the game. They can function as a “difficulty slider” that can help take down bosses and the Espers. Buffs such as Shell, Libra, Protect, and Haste can make the battle easier.
Foe: Character Status: Blind Combo it with Sight Unseeing along with the Poach skill.
Foe: Critical HP
 Foe: More Than or Equal to 2 Dealing with multiple crowds and mobs incoming.
Foe: 100% – Steal  Stealing items that may only be exclusive to bosses. To increase the chances of stealing an item, equip the Thief’s Cuffs.

Notes and Sample Combos

However, Gambits are not restricted to only a single command. The gambits arrange themselves via priority. In doing so, the actions executed follow in that particular order.

For example, if you’re planning to use a character as a Tank and playing a Time Battlemage:

  1. Ally: Any = Remedy or any Ailment Healing Item
  2. Ally: Any = Phoenix Down
  3. Ally: any character on high damage class = Haste
  4. Ally: any character on high damage class = Berserk
  5. Self = Decoy
  6. Self = Libra

If you noticed the numbers on the side, those are the priority numbers. The priority numbers will then dictate the order of the gambits. Once executed, the gambit combo will loop again until the battle ends. However, not all jobs will work with a single Gambit combo. There are several Gambit combos that can optimize specific traits of specific jobs.

If you have any suggested Gambit Combos, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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