[FFXII: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 17 – Ancient City of Giruvegan

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Main Walkthrough for Part 17 Ancient City of Giruvegan to Balfonheim . This will contain the items, the bosses, the enemies, and everything you’ll come across in this particular part.

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Part 17 – Ancient City of Giruvegan to Balfonheim

Ancient City of Giruvegan

    1. From the entrance, proceed straight to the Waystone transport device.
      • Battle Daedalus after warping using the Waystone transport device. Click here to view a detailed boss guide for Daedalus.
Daedalus attacks have are of the no-attribute type. Since the enemy will cast Haste on itself at the start of the battle, you will have an easier time defeating him by using Dispel.
      • After defeating Daedalus, return to the Waystone transport device.
    1. Proceed to Trimahla Water-Steps southeast of the area, push the lever to open the sealed wall to the southwest.

      • As you touch the switch, the barrier will disappear, allowing you to proceed southwest.
      • After activating the switch, you will obtain the Map of the Ancient City of Giruvegan.
      • After getting the map, proceed to the end of the path and push the switch there.
      • The barrier on the west side will disappear, allowing you to proceed.
      • As you walk all the way into the aisle, you will come up to a dead end.
        You will be taken up into the air and a green path will appear that leads to the next area.
    2. The 3 Switches in Adah Water-Steps

      • The first switch will be nearby as you enter the area.
      • The second switch will be on the upper right corner of the map as you proceed fr
      • Upon following the long passage, look for the third switch as you turn around.
        Head for the barrier that disappeared east of the long aisle.
      • A green path will appear where you will obtain White Fang.
    3. Save Point in Adah Water-Steps
      • In the next area, head for the door at the center before the Gate of Fire to the Save Point.
      • Leave the room and head west to the next area to battle Tyrant. Click here to view a detailed boss guide for Tyrant.
During the battle with Tyrant, you will not be able to use Technicks. Also, make sure that each member of the party has more than half his or her maximum HP to be able to survive Tyrant’s Piercing Graviga magick.
    • Another Waystone device will appear after defeating Tyrant. Use it to move to the next area to Crystal Core.

Crystal Core

  1. Use the Waystone device to move to the next areas.

Balfonheim Harbor

    1. Reddas will join your party.
      • Talk to the guard at the back of Sassio Lane and speak with Reddas.
      • Reddas will come with you as a guest party member.
Reddas will temporarily join your party.
Reddas will allow you to complete side quests and Esper battles easier, since he is quite powerful when he joins you.. Keep mind that he will leave your party when you reach The Pharos.
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  • Esper Guide
  • Sub Event List
  1. Board the airship and head for Ridorana Cataract, at the Footfalls of the Past.

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