Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII - Hell Wyrm Optional Boss Guide

Boss guide on Hell Wyrm, including boss stats and strategies on how to defeat it in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII: TZA.

Hell Wyrm

Source: Final Fantasy Wiki

Hell Wyrm
Name Hell Wyrm Element Dark
Combo Max Combo Hits: 12 Receive 50000 Gil from Montblanc, Radiant Savior Title
Steal Hi-Ether, Jade Collar, Excalibur Poach


An intimidating boss that has a whopping health which is nearly 9 million. Hell Wyrm’s HP is subdivided into several segments, each of which should amount to around 200 thousand. In this case, your objective is to deplete all of those segments, however after a certain amount of segments are removed, its attack pattern will likely switch.

Stock up on some X-Potions with an HP Lore investment on your license. Accompany this stash with a supply of Ethers alongside the Charge ability to ensure that you have MP whenever the need arises. For gears, Bubble Belt is a must as it decreases damage sustained overall.

For the most part, it might require some timing but Elemental gears such as White Masks should run counter to his corresponding elemental “-ga” Magick to be cast periodically. Keep a close eye on the screen as well, and before the Magick damage appears on screen, make sure to replace your unit’s gears to the elemental gear that resists it. Employ the same process to resist any potential Status Ailments.

Damage-wise, capitalize on Oil using the Nihopalaoa in conjunction with the Handkerchief, then fire with the Wyrmfire Shot to deliver a massive hit. You may also opt to gear your durable character with the Excalibur for some serious damage.

Battle Strategy

During the initial phase, he will strike with normal attacks.

By the time his HP approaches 50%, he will begin to inflict severe damage and attempt to catch you with Petrify. Apart from that, he will also expel White Breath which may afflict a number of your allies with Stop. Having a Gambit that nullifies Stop is recommended such as Chronos Tear. He will also begin to cast Invert in the latter stages of the match. Cast Shell on your team then distinguish which character is Hell Wyrm’s target as this will be the recipient of the heals later on. Spread the party to ensure that the damage will affect a few members, this minimizes the number of characters you need to heal later on.

Once his HP gets to critical, he will repeat the same telegraphed pattern as before only this time he will employ it faster. Remove any Gambits and focus on attacks and healing.


Level 60 EXP 0
HP 8930711 MP 999
LP 150 Clan Points 30000
Gil 0


Elemental Resistance
Fire x0.5 Earth  x0.5
Ice x0.5 Holy x1.5
Water x0.5 Dark Drain
Wind x0.5 Elec x0.5

Status Ailments/Attributes

Immune Status Augments
Petrify 100% Protect Safety
Stop 100% Shell No Knockback
Doom 100% Haste Ignore Vitality
Confuse Ignore Evade
Reverse Ignore Weather & Landscape
Sleep Ignore Reflect
Blind Normal Damage+
Poison 0 MP
Silence Low-HP ATK+

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