[FFXII: TZA] Sidequest Walkthrough – Bhujerban Madhu and its Locations

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Sidequest Walkthrough for Bhujerban Madhu.

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Sidequest Walkthrough for Bhujerban Madhu, including methods to access it, rewards and enemies.

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Bhujerban Madhu

Side Quest Availability

  • Access Conditions

Obtain the Dawn Shard.

  • Missable Conditions

Side Quest Walkthrough

  1. Revisit Bhujerba.
    • Discover information about a famous liquour known as Bhujerban Madhu.
  2. Each bottle has a specific buyer all around Bhujerba.

List of Buyers and their Locations

Location Bottle Location Buyer Location
 Bhujerban Aerodome It’s on top of some luggage in the waiting area. There’s a man sitting on rail directly across from the bottle.
Rithil’s Protectives Check the cabinet near the clerk’s counter. Speak to the old shop clerk at the cashier.
 Targe’s Arms Check the corner between the cases of weapons in the second floor. Give it to the woman speaking to a man sitting down on the first floor.
Khus Skygrounds It’s near the moogle standing next to a box. Speak to the woman standing at the rail in front of the street vendor.
Travica Way Head to the street next to Street Kid at the southeast end. Give it to the man leaning on the wall across from the Magick Shop.
 Mait’s Magick  The Bhujerban Madhu is grouped up with other bottles on the table. Speak to the Bhujerban Guru next to the table with bottles.
Staras Residence Check between the dressers at the right of the entrance. Give this bottle of Bhujerban Madhu to Niray, in the middle of her home.

However, this is available only after completing the Antlion hunt.

 Cloudborne Row  Table closest to the bar. Magu, the seeq sitting in alcove between the exits.
Lhusu Square On the edge of the pool before the mines. Miner sitting next to the seeq street vendor.
Bashketi’s Gambits Bookshelf on the upper floor. Seeq shop clerk on the same floor.
Miner’s End Crates near the Gambit Shop. Bangaa miner south of the Gambit Shop.
Kaff Terrace Next to the Seeq sitting near the top of the stairs. Woman north of the stairs, standing at the edge.
Clio’s Technicks The Bhujerban Madhu is on a box between the counter and the stairs. Shop clerk standing in the middle of the shop.

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One bottle is missing, there is another one in the Cloudborne Row, not inside The Cloudborne, at the south end of the street on some crates. The buyer is at the outside of the entrance of The Cloudborne, standing near a passed out person.