[FFXII: TZA] Quickenings: How To Use Them

This article contains some possible tips in performing a Quickening.

This article contains some tips and tricks along with an explanation for the Quickenings sequence in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

How To Use Quickenings

Quickenings rely on a bar known as the Mist Gauge. Upon activating the Quickening skill, all normal gameplay stops and an animation occurs. During this animation, the player will be made to press a variety of buttons. While pressing the buttons, you can form a sequence. Once the sequence is completed, it will then choose a Quickening based on the  number of Mist Gauges used. The higher the Mist Gauge, the more damage it deals to an enemy.

Tips for Quickenings

  • Common buttons for the initial character are square, triangle, and X.
  • Follow the sequence until the blue bar depletes in which you can now press R2.
  • Upon pressing R2, the command will shuffle and it will activate “Mist Charge”.
  • Once Mist Charge is activated, it will fill another gauge which will allow you to perform a Quickening Chain.

However, the probability of a Quickening Change is highly dependent on the number of people present.

#of Participants Probability
1 person 1/6
2 people 1/7
3 people 1/8

Once you activate the Quickening, you will only have four seconds to complete the sequence. However, completing the sequence allows you to recover 0.5 seconds before moving onto the next sequence. For example, one completed the sequence in 0.50 seconds. Upon the next sequence, you will gain 0.25 seconds back. With that, the next sequence will take 3.75 seconds to complete.

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