Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII - [FFXII: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 8 – Entering the Tomb of Raithwall 

Main Walkthrough for Part 8 - visiting the Tomb of Raithwall in Final Fantasy XII. This contains the items, bosses, and enemies you come across.

Part 8 – Tomb of Raithwall

Nam-Yensa Sandsea

(Taking the southern entrance from Ogir-Yensa)

  1. Take a map of Nam-Yensa on a bridge west from Augur Hill. 
    •  You’ll find it if you take the southern entrance to Ogir-Yensa Sandsea.
    • After entering Nam-Yensa Sandsea, you’ll find the Augur Hill, where you’ll find the Nam-Yensa map there.
  2. Taking the Eksir Berries after defeating the Urutan Eater. 
    • After getting the map, proceed north to the Sandscale Bank.
    • Listen to the story of the Moogle, go back the way you came and head to Withering Shores to find the Urutan Eater. 
    • Upon defeating the Urutan Eater, head back to the Moogle in the Sandscale bank.
  3. You’ll come to an event as you head back to Ogir-Yensa Platform 2: Refinery.
  4. Afterward, head back to Nam-Yensa to watch the cutscene.
    • Touch the flowers to receive Eksir Berries. This is important for your fight against Garuda in the Tomb of Raithwall.

The Tomb of Raithwall

  1. Face the boss upon entering the area 
    • Enter the area and fight Garuda. Upon defeating the boss, a merchant will show up. As such, it’s best to use your items in the battle.
      Note: because Garuda is a flyer, melee attacks can be rather difficult. Use long-range attacks with guns, bows, or magic. Use Eksir Berries, as they lessen Garuda’s attack to one-third, making it easier to beat
  2. Entering the Tomb of Raithwall
    • The Tomb of Raithwall uses a waystone device / ancient device.
    • Remember to save at the crystal nearby. You will have a hard time moving forward.
    • Upon entry, you’ll meet your first Demonwall. You can potentially encounter this enemy twice. For more information about this boss, click here.
      Note: You can skip this batte. If you defeat the Demonwall, a secret passage will appear.
    • As you head further into the dungeon, the Demonwall will emerge again and fight. You cannot run away this time. Demonwall is a strong enemy, so you’ll have to give all you’ve got. It’s best that you head back and farm a bit if you think you’ll have trouble defeating it.
    • Demonwall casts silence, so you’ll have to use Rose Corsage. If you don’t have any corsages on you, use Echo Herbs to cancel out silence. Use Aero to bounce magic and damage the enemy.
  3. Head down and find the map
    • After killing Demonwall, you’ll encounter three transfer devices. You’ll find an Area Map in the map urn along with the way stones.
  4. Two of the three way stones are broken and will need repair.
    • The Red Way Stone leads to Northfall Passage, but is currently broken.
    • The White Waystone leads to the Hall of the Destroyer.
    •  The Green Waystone doesn’t work either. Eventually, it’ll go to the Southfall Passage.
  5. Activate the Red Way Stone 
    • From the way stone rooms, head north through the north corridor.
    • You’ll find a jewel in the middle of the map. If you examine it, you’ll be able to activate the way stone in Northfall Passage.
  6. Activate the Green Waystone
    • Head south from the three-way stone room. Head down the south wing corridor.
    • You’ll find a jewel in the middle of the map. Examining it, you’ll be able to use the way stone. Head back using the way stone.
  7. Head down the Cloister of Flame 
    • In the Southfall passage, head through the passage that appeared after you activated the glowing pedestal.
    • In this cloister you’ll fight Belias, an esper.

      Note: Belias can cast oil on your characters, which can only be cured with handkerchiefs. It also casts Fire and Firaja, which deal three times more damage than usual to those covered with oil. It’s vulnerable to water attacks, so use water magicks and weaponry. For more information on Belias, click here.
  • Upon completion, you can enter the Chamber of First Light and get the Dawn Shard.
  • Return to the entrance via way stone.
    • WARNING: You won’t be coming back to the Tomb of Raithwall for a while, so loot the area for more items.
  • An Event occurs at the Entrance, you’re transported to Light Cruiser Shiva
    • Vossler captures you (SPOILERS!)
    • Vossler fights your party alongside three imperial army swordsmen
      Vossler attacks Basch the most, so take care of his HP. Three imperial swordsmen will use the Tri Attack technique, so it’s easier if you beat them down first.
  • Defeat Vossler and head to Rabanastre
  • From the South Gate of Rabanastre, head to Giza Plains – Rainy Season
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