[Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age] One-Handed Hammers Weapon List

This is a Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age weapons guide. Here you’ll discover the various one-handed hammers  you can find in-game.

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One-handed Hammers Weapon List

one-handed katana axes hammers

Hammers are inconsistent in dealing damage. At times the hammer might deal a massive amount of damage or a very miniscule amount. In The Zodiac Age, only the foebreaker can equip this weapon.

Name Attack Evade CT Attribute
Iron Hammer 24 2 32
War Hammer 42 2 32
Sledgehammer 66 2 32
Morning Star 100 2 32
Scorpion Tail 124 2 32
Vrscika (Scorpion Tail F) 133 5 32

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