[FFXII: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 18 – Ridorana Cataract – The Pharos

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Main Walkthrough for Part 18 Ridorana Cararact (Footfalls of the Past) – The Pharos. This will contain the items, the bosses, the enemies, and everything you’ll come across in this particular part.

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Part 18 – Ridorana Cataract (Footfalls of the Past) – The Pharos

Ridorana Cataract (Footfalls of the Past)

  1. Proceed along the path and turn right at the fork.

    • There will be a save crystal along the path if you get lost.
    • Collect all items found at the Echoes from Time’s Garden. Then, proceed south.
    • You can get the Map of the Ridorana Cataract (Footfalls of the Past) at the location 11 o’clock of the Colosseum.
  2. Proceed to The Pharos

    • There will be a Save Crystal as you come up to the area.
    • The Pharos is a large dungeon, so it’s better to save before proceeding.
      It is likely to take several hours to clear.

The Pharos ・First Ascent

    1. A boss battle will soon commence.
      • As you enter Pharos, you will fight the boss Hydro.
Hydro uses the spell Fearga that reduces a character’s MP to 0. Be sure to have learned the Technick Charge to be able to recover MP during battle.
    1. Head back to collect the black orbs.

      • There will be a Save Crystal in the inner layer of the Wellspring Labyrinth.
      • You need to collect three black orbs dropped by enemies in the area.
        Enemies defeated in the area have a low chance of dropping black orbs.
      • Set a black orb on each pedestal.
        There will be three pedestals on the inner layer of the Wellspring Labyrinth. Approach each pedestal and set one on each as you come back and forth from the inner and outer layer of the labyrinth.
      • You will be able to obtain a map of the area at the southern passage of the labyrinth.
      • Once you’ve placed all three black orbs in the pedestal, you will unlock the path to the east of the labyrinth.
    2. Boss battle against Pandemonium as you leave the black rock formations.
      • As you enter the mysterious dimension, proceed to the boss’ lair and examine the rock formations.
      • You will be teleported to the area you started when you examine the rocks.
Boss Battle Tips
Pandemonium resists all other attacks except wind, so it is best to use magic and weapons with that element.
      • Proceed to the Way Stone that appears near the Save Crystal.
    1. Solving the puzzle

      • There will be a false wall that breaks in the first turning corridor.
      • Items can be obtained in the hidden room beyond the wall, so take the time to explore it.
      • Making the bridges appear to proceed to the next area.
To proceed along the bridge, you need to defeat a specific number of enemies called Brainpans nearby. The number of Brainpans you need to defeat depends on where you are on the bridge.
1st Part:2
2nd Part:4
3rd Part:5
    1. Bridge leading to the 48th Level
      • From Horizon’s Beak at the 3rd turning corridor, you can go back as you build the bridge.
        1st :5
        2nd :6
      • Also, at the 4th turning corridor, you’ll need to put only one stack of the bridge of the main platform that aims at the same way. The number of Brainpan to defeat is 7.
A monster called Deidar will appear in these areas (corridor 3 and 4). There are about 9 of them in all, and killing them will result in a section of the bridge being destroyed.
    1. A boss battle with Slyt will begin at the 49th floor.

      • Make sure to use the Save Crystal at the 48th floor.
      • Get your party ready to face the Slyt.
      • The boss battle will begin as soon as you enter the 49th floor.
Battle Tips
The boss will be regenerating health throughout the fight, which cannot be disabled. You’ll need to use powerful magicks and techniques to defeat, particular fire spells. Firaga will be very effective on the boss.
  1. After the battle, head back to Pharos – Second Ascent by going through the Ancient door and accessing the Way Stone there.

The Pharos・Second Ascent

    1. As you select one of the 4 shrines, a command will be unusable to the party.

      • Activating one of the 4 shrines will lock a particular command in combat.
      • By activating the shrine at the 64th floor (Third Ascent), the party will be able to use the locked command again.
  • Northwest: The party cannot use weapons.
  • Southwest: The party cannot use magicks.
  • Northeast:The party cannot use items.
  • Southeast:The party cannot use the map.
Of the four conditions, the northeast (locked items) and southeast (locked map) shrines are the most manageable (since the conditions are less crippling in battle).
    1. There will be a map on the 62nd floor.
    2. A save crystail will be on the 64th floor.
    3. A boss battle with Fenrir will begin at the 65th floor. Click here to view a detailed boss guide on Fenrir.
Battle Tips
Casting sleep on Fenrir will make the fight significantly easier.
    1. The shrine at the 65th floor will unlock the command that was sealed.

You can unlock the command by touching the shrine.

  1. Climb up and use the transfer device to go to Pharos – Third Ascent.

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Every enemy drops a black orb, never encountered one who doesn’t.