Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII - Light Body Armor List

A list of obtainable body armors in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII: TZA. This includes each armor's stats and license.

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII: TZA - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Light Body Armor

Name Defense License
Leather Clothing 4 Light Armor 1
Chromed Leathers 5 Light Armor 2
Leather Breastplate 6 Light Armor 2
Bronze Chestplaste 8 Light Armor 3
Ringmail 10 Light Armor 3
Windbreaker 12 Light Armor 4
Heavy Coat 14 Light Armor 4
Survival Vest 17 Light Armor 5
Brigandine 20 Light Armor 5
Jujitsu Gi 23 Light Armor 6
Viking Coat 27 Light Armor 6
Metal Jerkin 31 Light Armor 7
Adamant Vest 35 Light Armor 7
Barrel Coat 38 Light Armor 8
Power Vest 41 Light Armor 8
Ninja Gear 44 Light Armor 9
Gigas Chestplate 47 Light Armor 9
Minerva Bustier 50 Light Armor 10
Rubber Suit 53 Light Armor 11
Mirage Vest 55 Light Armor 12
Brave Suit 57 Light Armor 13

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