[FFXII: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 11 – Henne Mines

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 11 – Henne Mines to Paramina Rift. This will contain the items, the bosses, the enemies, and everything you’ll come across in this particular part.

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Part 11 – Henne Mines

Henne Mines

Dungeon Strategy

Henne Mines operates under a mechanism, and each door is linked to another. In essence, when you unlock one door, the others will close.

Consider the arrangement of the doors before you push any of the switches.

  1. Enter Henne Mines then push the nearby switch
    • From the Ozmone Plain go through Henne Mines, then press the switch.
  2. Push the switch at the intersection
    • Head to Pithead Junction A then press the switch.
    • This will prompt a group of Jelly, defeat all 7.
    • Once the East and South doors are unlocked, go past the door to enter the passageway, collect the Henne Mines map.
    • Return to Pithead Junction A then operate the switch to continue through the west section.
  3. In order to proceed to the room at the back, press the switch at Pithead Junction B
    • As you reach Crossover A, ignore the switch then head northwards to settle at Crossover B.
    • At Crossover B, head further down the passage following the Southeast section to find Pithead Junction B.
    • Activate the switch on Pithead Junction B, then go through the west door to return to Crossover A. A group of Jelly will ambush you.
    • Repeat the same steps to reach Crossover B, then from there, head Northwards to arrive at Ore Separation.
  4. Work Preparation
    Head past the area where the Save Crystal is located, then approach it and save your progress. Battle with the boss Tiamat.
    Battle Tips
    Tiamat is a challenging boss which casts Aero, Breath, and Disablega. One of the best equipment for this battle is the Black Belt as it grants immunity to Tiamat’s Disable. If you do not happen to have similar equipment, be sure to lift this ailment with Esuna.
  5. Return to Eruyt Village
    • Upon defeating the Boss Tiamat, head back to Eruyt Village either via Save Crystal warp or by foot.
    • As you arrive at the Village, a cutscene will ensue and you will obtain Lente’s Tears.

Golmore Jungle

  1. Show the Lente’s Tears to pass through the Golmore Jungle barrier
    • If you take the west path and continue south, you will eventually arrive at The Feywood.
      Meantime, follow along the eastern route which connects to Paramina Rift.
    • Interact with the crystal on Parting Glade to save your progress.
    • Prepare for a Boss Battle against the vicious Elder Wyrm at the Dell of the Dreamer.
Battle Tips
As soon as the battle starts, cast Silence to Elder Wyrm to prevent it from casting its Sporefall which renders your party helpless with a myriad of Status Ailments. Since it’s weak to Wind, be sure to capitalize on using Aero.
Click here for details of Elder Wyrm’s abilities.
  1. With Elder Wyrm banished, take the east path to depart from Golmore Jungle to reach Paramina Rift.

Paramina Rift

  1. Proceed to the Northeast direction
    Follow the path Northeast and you will soon reach the Freezing Gorge. Once the cutscene ends, continue along the road to eventually reach the town on Mt Bur-Omisace.

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