[FFXII: TZA] Sidequest Walkthrough – Cactuar Family

This article contains the walkthrough for the Cactuar Family Sidequest.

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Sidequest Walkthrough for Cactuar Family, including methods to access it, rewards and enemies.

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Cactuar Family

Side Quest Availability

  • Access Conditions
    • Obtaining the Dawn Shard.
    • Complete Dalmasca Desert Bloom Hunt.
    • Complete the Flowering Cactoid Hunt.
  • Missable Conditions

Side Quest Walkthrough

Before doing this, make sure you did the Flowering Cactoid hunt to have a smoother gameplay. 

  1. Speak to Dantro outside the outpost.
  2. Give Dantro’s wife the Cactuar Bloom Flower. She’s at the South Bank Village.
  3. Speak to the little boy Tchigiri who says his father hasn’t returned home.
    • The elder then asks Vaan to go with the boy and retrieve the father.
  4. After locating the father, he explains his situation. Apparently, a Cactuar mother is looking for her son.
  5. Head back to South Bank Village and talk to Dantro’s wife.
    • Head to the back of the house and pick up “Dran?”
  6. Return to the Cactoid Mother and she’ll let the father go.
  7. After that, the father rewards Vaan with 1000 Gil and the Wyrmfire Shot.

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