[FFXII: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 19 – The Pharos – Sky Fortress Bahamut

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Main Walkthrough for Part 19 – The Pharos – Sky Fortress Bahamut. This will contain the items, the bosses, the enemies, and everything you’ll come across in this particular part.

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Part 19 – The Pharos – Sky Fortress Bahamut

The Pharos・Third Ascent

    1. Use the transport device to make your way up.
      • There will be multiple transport devices that you can use.
      • Pressing the wrong device will take you back to the first area of the turning corridors.
      • If you press the wrong button twice, you will be transported to an area with many enemies.
        • The first device is the Black Sigil found in the upper left of the area.
        • The second device is the Green Sigil east as you come up to a Fool’s Facade.
        • The third device is the Red Sigil after some more Fool’s Facades by the upper left of the four sigils..
        • The fourth depends on what commands were locked during your party’s ascent. If you could not use items, choose the Yellow Sigil. If you could not use Magicks, choose the Purple Sigil. If you could not use weapons, choose the White Sigil. If you could not use the map, choose the Pink Sigil.
        • The fifth device will be past a Fool’s Facade.
    2. Ride the elevator and prepare for a boss battle.

      • You will engage Hashmal in a boss battle.
Battle Tips
Since Hashmal uses Quakeja, be sure to cast Float to avoid taking big damage.
When Hasmlam uses Perfect defense, you will no be able to attack him for 2 minutes so wait until it wears off.
      • After the battle, Hashmal can be summoned as an Esper to aid you.
    1. After defeating Hashmal, proceed to the swinging corridor.

      • Exit the elevator and head for the swinging corridor.
      • There will not be any items to pick up along the way, so head straight for the next area.
      • You will come up to a Save Crystal. Use it since there will be another boss battle ahead.
      • Use the Way Stone and prepare to battle another boss.
    2. Prepare to engage the boss.
      • The next boss is Gabranth.
Battle Tips
Gabranth is not extremely powerful. You can use Oil and then Firaga on him, which is effective. Towards the last phase of the fight, he will be immune to magicks, so focus on physical attacks to defeat him.
      • After defeating Gabranth, Doctor Sid will engage the party next.
Battle Tips
When Doctor Sid reaches half of his HP, he will summon Famfrit.
Try to cast Dispel on Famfrit first, then use Shell on your party. Famfrit is weak to fire, so using Oil and then Firaga on him will be effective as well. You can also use this strategy on Sid himself after defeating Famfrit.
    • After defeating the two bosses, you will obtain the Esper Famfrit.
  1. After the cutscenes, Reddas will leave your party

    • Travel back to Balfonheim.
    • Use the airship to go to Sky Fortress Bahamut.
    • Be sure to prepare well as the last battle will be up ahead.

Sky Fortress Bahamut

    1. Try to ignore the enemies in the area.
      • There will be a lot of enemies in the area that spawn indefinitely.
      • Since there are no items to collect here, head for the central lift.
      • Use the switch when you get to the lift.
      • A boss battle with Gabranth will begin.
Battle Tips
Cast dispel on Gabranth at the beginning of the battle. Once he reaches half of his HP, he will use Renew.
    1. After defeating Gabranth, use the lift to face the game’s last boss.

      • The game’s final boss is Vayne.
Battle Tips
Vayne’s first phase is not too strong. Try to deal as much damage without consuming too much MP. Larsa will assist you in the battle with magicks. Watch out for when Vayne performs a powerful attack that deals around 1,000 damage. You can also use Oil and Firaga on Vayne as he is not immune to them.
      • Vayne Novus with Sephira Swords
Battle Tips
Gabranth will join your party during the battle. Instead of attacking the Sephira Swords, focus your attacks on Vayne. If they are dealing too much damage, you can choose to leave just one. Vayne will use powerful attacks such as Azure Vortice and Contempt at regular intervals. As much as you can, try to preserve MP for his last phase. Reflect will also be useful in this fight, as well as Oil followed by Firaga.
      • Fighting Vayne’s ‘Immortal’ Phase
Battle Tips
In Vayne’s final phase, you will not be able to see his HP, so it is best to observe his behavior to know his condition. He has about 230,000 maximum HP.
At less than 60%:Vayne will use magic defense
At less than 40%:Vayne will use physical defense
At less than 20%: Vayne will use complete defense.
Be sure to observe these characteristics during the boss battle.
Even if you cast Reflect on allies, they will still deal damage to them。At 60% HP, Vayne will use magic defense, so you won’t be able to damage it with magick. During this state, use physical attacks against him until the magic defense wears off.At 40% HP, Vayne will use physical defense, so you won’t be able to damage it with weapons. During this state, use magick against him. If you do not have MP, try to avoid his attacks until you have recovered.

At 20% HP, Vayne will use both magic and physical defense. Wait for the opportunity to attack during this stage.
Vayne will use powerful attacks such as Gigaflare and Teraflare. Make sure the party has at least 2000 HP to survive these.

When Vayne’s complete defense wears off, unleash heavy attacks and magick against him, as he will have very little HP left.

Vayne will use many physical attacks during his last phase, so a good shield with high defense will be very useful.

  1. The Ending

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