Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII - The Undying (Vayne) Boss Guide

Boss guide on The Undying in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII: TZA, including boss stats and strategies on how to defeat it.

The Undying (Vayne)

Source: Final Fantasy Wiki

The Undying
Name The Undying Element
Combo Receive
Steal Dark Matter Poach

Battle Strategy

Final Fantasy 12’s final boss is The Undying (Vanye), which uses an interesting behavior mechanic in battle. In Vayne’s final phase as The Undying, you will not be able to see his HP. As such, it is best to observe his behavior to know his current status. He has about 230,000 HP overall.

Vayne will use magic defense at less than 60% HP. After falling below 40%, he will use physical defense. And at less than 20%, he will use complete defense. Be sure to observe these characteristics during the boss battle.

Even if you cast Reflect on allies, they will still be damaged, as his Magick pierces defenses. At 60% HP, Vayne will use magic defense, so you won’t be able to damage him with magick. During this state, use physical attacks until the magic defense wears off.

At 40% HP, Vayne will use physical defense, so you won’t be able to damage it with weapons. During this state, use magick against him. If you do not have MP, try to avoid his attacks until you have recovered.

At 20% HP, he will use both magic and physical defense. Wait for the opportunity to attack during this stage. The boss will use powerful attacks such as Gigaflare Sword, which deals up to 5,800 damage, and Teraflare, which deals around 4,000 damage to all characters in range. Make sure the party is near full HP at all times to survive these.

When the boss’ complete defense wears off, unleash heavy attacks and magick against him, as he will have very little HP left.

The Undying will use many physical attacks during his last phase, so a good shield with high defense will be very useful.


Level  55 EXP  0
HP  228,299 MP  0
LP  0 Clan Points  0
Gil  0


Elemental Resistance
Fire  100% Earth  100%
Ice  100% Holy  50%
Water  100% Dark  100%
Wind  100% Elec 100%

Status Ailments/Attributes

Immune Status Augments
Petrify Shell (100%)   Safety
Stop  No Knockback
Doom   0 MP
Confuse  Attack CT0 (If Enraged)
Reverse  Anti-Magick (If Force Barrier and Perfect Defense is active)
Sleep Magick Wall  (If Magic Barrier and Perfect Defense is active)
Blind Magick CT0  (If Chain Magick is active)

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