[FFXII: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 14 – Sochen Cave

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Main Walkthrough for Part 14 – Phon Coast to Sochen Cave Palace. This will contain the items, the bosses, the enemies, and everything you’ll come across in this particular part.

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Part 14 – Phon Coast

Phon Coast

  1. Move towards the back of the area and head to the Hunter’s Camp
  • You can move quickly around the camp while riding a Chocobo through Chocobo Road
  • There are save crystal in this area, so don’t forget to save before proceeding to the next area.
  • There is also a Map Shop in the Hunter’s Camp where you can buy a map for Phon Coast.
Treasure Chests
To the east of the Vadu Strand, there is 16 treasure chests located in that direction. One of the treasure chests prevents you from obtaining the Zodiac Spear in the Necrohol of Nabudis.
  1. Head to Tchita Uplands after preparing
  • Many strong enemies appear in Limatra Hills.
  • Pass through the village from Vadu Strand the enter Limatra Hills.
  • Rava’s Pass will be at the end of Limatra Hills. There is a save crystal in that area, so save first before heading to Tchita Uplands.

Tchita Uplands

  1. Head east after entering the uplands
      The area is vast, but since there are no treasure chests in the area, you can proceed without exploring.
  2. There is a Teleport and a Save Crystal in the area
    • There is an Archadian Wayfarer in the area who tells you about a monster inside the cave.
    • You will receive the Soul Ward Key after taking his request to kill the monster.
  3. Head to Sochen Cave.

Sochen Cave Palace

    The Sochen Cave Palace is filled with traps, it is much easier to avoid them by equipping Libra.
  1. Use the “Soul Ward Key” to enter the cave
  • There are 5 enemies that you will have to battle once you open the door to the Sochen Cave Palace (including a Mandragora Prince).

Click here for a detailed boss guide for The Mandragoras.

The enemies will use a lot of attack that causes several status ailments. You will have no trouble dealing with these enemies if you have Esuna.
  • There is a save crystal behind the next door. However, this crystal is a Crystal Bug that you need to defeat in order for the real crystal to appear.
  • Defeat the enemy that will appear here to get a map of the Sochen Cave Palace.
  1. Opening the Pilgrim’s Door
  • Once you enter through the door, go to the first path to the right.
  • You will be able to find some clues for opening Ascetic’s Door on the south side of the circular floor.
  • Open the door by following the procedures.
  • There is also a Trophy Rare Game enemy called Anubys in the area as well as a weapon called the Iga Blade.
  • Prepare for the boss after entering Pilgrim’s Door
    • Prepare for the boss after entering Pilgrim’s Door after following the procedures to open it.
    • Open the door to the north and proceed to the dark hall. A boss battle against Ahriman will commence.

Click here for a detailed boss guide for Ahriman.

Ahriman creates copies of himself after you deal a certain amount of damage on him. If any of your party members is inflicted with a status ailment, cure it using Remedy (if you know the license for Remedy Lore 3)
      • Head to the back and operate the floating platform
        • There is a switch in the area near the elevator.
        • Take the elevator and head to the back of the area.
      • How to open the Ascetic’s Door.
        • In order to open the Ascetic’s Door, you have to enter the Destiny’s March area, from the east side then run around the circular path in a clockwise direction.
        • To open the doors after you open the Ascetic’s Door, you need the “Ageworn Key”
        • You will not be able to get the “Ageworn Key” yet, so you have to visit this place again later.

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