Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII - Pandaemonium Boss Guide

Boss guide for Pandaemonium, which includes stats and strategies on how to defeat it in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII: TZA.



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This creature is a bounty issued from the clan hall in Rabanastre. As a tribute to the final dungeon in Final Fantasy II, this creature references the dark and shadowy halls of the Pandaemonium dungeon.

Name Pandaemonium Element Earth
Combo Receive
Steal Ancient Turtle Shell, Aries Gem, Scarletite Poach

Pandaemonium, being a turtle-like creature, has a hardened defense. Because of its large size, it’s capable of using Power Spin, which deals Slow and Flatten on your allies. Flatten does not inflict any status ailment, but deals considerable damage. Also, it has a retaliate trait which reflects damage back at your allies whenever they attack.

Battle Strategy

As a large creature, the Pandaemonium lumbers and does not move as quickly as other bosses. Despite its slow movement, it can still deal considerable damage whether attacking or receiving damage.

To open the battle, cast Dispel to remove all of Pandaemonium’s buffs. After that, kite the creature. There are two attacks to avoid: Flash and Stone Gaze. While Flash blinds, Stone Gaze inflicts Petrify. If Reddas is in the party, cast Berserk and let him do most of the damage. However, the moment the creature signals Power Spin, scatter around. This way, only one member of the party will be targeted by its attack. After it finishes spinning, either inflict Oil status to give additional damage to those who have fire weapons or rely on wind spells.

After reaching a certain amount of HP, it will cast Perfect Defense. Doing so will render all attacks useless. During this time, buff or heal your allies while watching its movements. The moment the walls go down, dive in and deal damage once more.


Level 45-55 EXP 0
HP 116,678 – 115,849 MP 999
LP 26 Clan Points 6,120 – 1,836
Gil 0


Elemental Resistance
Fire x1/2 Earth Drain
Ice x1/2 Holy x1/2
Water x1/2 Dark x1/2
Wind x2 Elec x1/2

Status Ailments/Attributes

Immune Status Augments
Petrify 100% Protect Safety
Stop 50% Shell No Knockback
Doom Ignore Vitality
Reverse Normal Damage+
Sleep Low-HP ATK+
Blind If Perfect Defense up – Anti-Magick, Magick Wall
Poison HP <80% – HP Attack
Disease Anti-Magick and Magick Wall down – Ignore Evade, Reduce Damage

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