[FFXII: TZA] Hunt Guide – Rank VIII (8) Monster List

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Hunting Guide for the Rank VIII (8) Monster list. It includes the Monster Name, Recommended Level, and Unlock Conditions.

Rank VIII (8) Monster List

  • Hunts can be accessed on the Bulletin Board found in each city or town in the game.
  • The Clan headquarters is located in Rabanastre.
Monster name Recommended Lv Unlock Conditions
VIII (8) rank
Yiazmat 70 · Complete Rank I (1) to VII (7) Mob Hunts
· Defeat the Hell Wyrm
· Clan headquarters

Yiazmat Hunt Strategy Guide

Basic information

【Last Battle, Farewell to a Legend]
Appearance location : Ridorana Cataract (Footfalls of the Past) – Coliseum

Detailed Unlock Conditions
  • After clearing Sky Fortress Bahamut
  • Clan Rank of Knight of the Round or higher
  • Complete Hell Wyrm Optional Boss
  • Complete all Rank VII (7) Mob Hunt Marks
    • Hunted Carrot
    • Hunted Diabolos
    • Hunted Deathgaze
    • Hunted Behemoth King
    • Hunted Gilgamesh
    • Hunted Fafnir
    • Hunted Pylraster
Lv HP MP Weakness LP
Lv 73 50112254 999 Holy 255
Magicks and Technicks Steal Punitive reward
Death Strike
Growing Threat
Stone Breath
White Breath
Holy Stone
Holy Magicite
Holy Crystal Byblos Bone
30,000 Gil

The Godslayer’s Badge

How to Defeat Yiazmat · Strategy Guide

Yiazmat has over 50,000 HP, making him far superior to all previous mob hunt marks encountered. Despite this, the player can end the battle by leaving (as long as the party is not wiped-out and thus Game Over) and battle Yiazmat again later. With this method, the player can use the Save Crystal, and restore HP outside of battle. This means that the number of rounds it takes will significantly increase. But since there is no consequence in doing this, you can take as many rounds as you can without worrying about anything.

This section will discuss the method to defeat Yiazmat while utilizing the Magick Reverse.

First, attacking party members should be equipped with weapons having dark attribute such as Masamune or Yagyu Darkblade. For the ally who will cast Reverse, he or she must be equipped with Lordly Robes and Staff of the Magi for higher magick success rate.

An ally will work as a decoy and must be equipped with Brave Suit. For accessories, attacking characters are advised to use Ribbon or Power Armlet to prevent Stop.

When the battle begins, cast Reverse, Bubble, Decoy and Protect on the party member that will distract Yiazmat. As long as the character stays under Reverse, it will be allow the him or her to endure most attacks. But it’s important to point out a view things about the Reverse status.

Characters under Reverse status will still be affected by instant death spells, since Reverse only works to “reverse” damage received. Therefore, Reversed characters will still be killed by instant death spells.

In such cases, if the character under Reverse is suddenly knocked out, replace the decoy with one a reserve character from the party.

Revive the knocked out decoy and replace him again with the character distracting the boss by casting Decoy and Reverse on him or her again. When any of your attackers is knocked out, revive them with Phoenix Down.

The attacker can use Bacchus Wine on himself to go into Berserk status to increase damage even more.

If the number of knocked out characters rises, move out of the area and use the Save Crystal to recover. Then, return to Yiazmat’s location and resume the battle.

Recommended Gambits

1 Ally: Any Chronos Tear
2 Self: HP < 10% Bacchus Wine
3 Self: HP <30% Dark Magick
4 Self: HP <70% Balance Magick
5 Self Bacchus Wine
6 Foe: nearest visible Attack
1 Self: HP <70% Reverse Magick
2 Assistant Phoenix Down
3 Ally: any Chronos Tear
4 Ally: status = Berserk Hastega
5 Foe: nearest visible Dispel Magick
6 Ally: any Gold Needle
7 Self: status = Reflect Despel’s Magic
8 Self: status = Sap Panacea
9 Enemy in front of you Attack
1 Reverse
2 Self Reverse
3 Assistant Reverse
4 Ally: any Chronos Tear
5 Assistant Decoy
6 Assistant Arise
7 Ally: any Raise
8 Ally: status = Berserk Hastega
9 Ally: any Reverse
10 Assistant Bubble
11 Assistant Protectga
12 Self: MP <20% Hi Ether

When Yiazmat’s HP becomes less than 20%, the battle against the him will become more intense. This turning point becomes very important, so it is recommended to save when you are at this phase of the battle.

Yiazmat will use the Tecnkick Growing threat when his HP reaches less than 20%. This makes his attack power and defense rise dramatically. He will also tend to attack with the Attack CT0 augment, as well as use Deathbed and Cyclone during this stage. Since it will no longer inflict Stop on targets, remove the Ribbon from attacking characters and equip them with Armguards for them to always be in Berserk status.

Yiazmatt will attack more frequently during this stage, so it makes very difficult to cast Reverse.

If you find it hard to recover MP, you can leave the battle and recover. As you resume the fight, cast Reverse, Protectga, Hastega and Shellga.

As you begin the battle, one member of the party (under Reverse so he or she will not be knocked out) should distract Yiazmat. Remember to use Dispel on Yiazmat’s protective buffs. Eventually, Yiazmat will use Reflectga on the party, which should be Dispelled before it uses Renew on a party member to heal himself.

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You don’t need to clear bahamut to fight Yiazmat. Just confirmed it today.