[FFXII: TZA] Job Class Guide – Foebreaker (Scorpio)

This article contains all possible licenses for the Foebreaker Job Class in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

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This article contains all licenses for the Foebreaker Job Class in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12:TZA]. This includes certain combos and notes.

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The Foebreaker class, representing the zodiac Scorpio, wields Axes and Hammers as their primary weapons. Their main line of defense involves Heavy Armor and the wielding of Shields. They don’t have access to any of the Magicks other than the Summoning Licenses. Among all the classes, the Foebreaker is the only one that have Hand Bombs as one of their naturally learned weapons.

Despite their lack of Magicks, those under this class make up for it using their physical strength. Their physical attacks deal as much damage as a Black Mage’s Magick. However, they focus only on single targets and inflict a large amount of physical damage on one target at a time. They also do not have any Item Lore skills but instead rely on their shield. This makes them capable of soaking up majority of the fight’s damage.


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As an Foebreaker class, they have a variety of HP boosting augments that increase their survivability. However, they have all the levels for Battle Lore which bolsters their physical attack damage every increase in augment. They also have the valued Adrenaline ability which can turn the tides of a battle into your favour.

Licenses Name LP Notes
HP+30 20
HP+70 30
HP+110 40
HP+150 50
HP+190 60
HP+230 70
HP+270 80
HP+310 90
HP+350 100
HP+390 115
Battle Lore 30
Battle Lore 50
Battle Lore 70
Battle Lore 100
Magick Lore 30 Requires Exodus and Zeromus.
Magick Lore 50 Requires Famfrit
Command 1
Focus 70  –
Adrenaline 65
Last Stand 70
Martyr 30
Inquisitor 30
Headsman 30
Swiftness 30
Swiftness 50 Requires Hashmal
Swiftness 80 Requires Ultima
Spellbound 30
Shield Block (1) 25
Shield Block (2) 45
Shield Block (3) 75


While the Foebreaker doesn’t rely heavily on their Technicks, they still have a few that allow them to survive in combat. Majority of their Technicks rely on reducing the defense of their enemy to allow more damage.

License Name LP Notes
Wither 50
Expose 50
Shear 50
Addle 50
Horology 50
Infuse 30
Shades of Black- 70
Sight Unseeing 40
Traveler 50


Under the equipment licenses, the Foebreaker wields axes, hammers, and hand bombs. As one of the melee type classes, Foebreakers also utilize heavy armor.

License Name LP Equipment
Breakers 1 20 Handaxe
Breakers 2 25 Broadaxe Iron Hammer
Breakers 3 35 Slasher War Hammer
Breakers 4 50 Hammerhead Sledgehammer
Breakers 5 60 Francisca Morning Star
Breakers 6 65 Greataxe Golden Axe
Breakers 7 85 Scorpion Tail
Breakers 8 175 Scorpion Tail F
Shields 1 15 Leather Shield Buckler
Shields 2 20 Bronze Shield Round Shield
Shields 3 25 Golden Shield
Ice Shield
Flame Shield
Shields 4 30 Diamond Shield
Platinum Shield
Dragon Shield
Shields 5 35 Crystal Shield Kaiser Shield
Shields 6 40 Aegis Shield Demon Shield
Shields 7 65 Venetian Shield
Shell Shield 90 Shell Shield
Ensanguined Shield 100 Ensanguined Shield
Zodiac Escrutcheon 235 Zodiac Escrutcheon
Hand Bomb 1 35 Hornito
Hand Bomb 2 55 Fumarole Tumulus
Hand Bomb 3 75 Caldera Volcano
Hand Bomb 4 105 Volcano T
Heavy Armor 1 25 Leather Helm
Bronze Helm
Leather Armor
Bronze Armor
Heavy Armor 2 30 Sallet
Iron Helm
Scale Armor
Iron Armor
Heavy Armor 3 35 Barbut
Winged Helmet
Linen Cuirass
Heavy Armor 4 40 Golden Helm
Golden Armor
Shielded Armor
Heavy Armor 5 50 Close Helmet
Bone Helm
Demon Mail
Bone Mail
Heavy Armor 6 55 Diamond Helm Diamond Armor
Heavy Armor 7 60 Steel Mask Mirror Mail
Heavy Armor 8 65 Platinum Helm Platinum Armor
Heavy Armor 9 70 GiantHelmet Carabineer Mail
Heavy Armor 10 80 Dragon Helm Dragon Mail
Heavy Armor 11 90 Magepower Shishak Maximillian
Heavy Armor 12 110 Grand Helm Grand Armor
Genji Armor 190 Genji Armor
Genji Helm
Genji Gloves
Genji Shield
Accessory (1) 5 Orrachea Armlet  –
Accessory (2) 20 Firefly Bangle
Accessory (3) 25 Diamond Armlet Argyle Armlet
Accessory (4) 35 Battle Harness Steel Gorget
Accessory (5) 35 Embroidered Tippet Tourmaline Ring
Accessory (6) 35 Golden Amulet Leather Gorget
Accessory (7) 40 Turtleshell Choker Rose Corsage
Accessory (8) 45 Thief’s Cuffs Gauntlets
Accessory (9) 30 Amber Armlet Black Belt
Accessory (10) 40 Jade Collar Nishijin Belt
Accessory (11) 45 Pheasant Netsuke Blazer Gloves
Accessory (12) 60 Gillie Boots Steel Poleyns
Accessory (13) 60 Berserker Magick Gloves
Accessory (14) 70 Sage’s Ring Agate Ring
Accessory (15) 70 Ruby Ring Bowline Sash
Accessory (16) 70 Cameo Belt Cat-Ear Hood
Accessory (17) 80 Bubble Belt Fuzzy Miter (Fuzzy Mitre)
Accessory (18) 80 Sash Power Armlet
Accessory (19) 100 Winged Boots Indigo Pendant
Accessory (20) 115 Opal Ring Hermes Sandals
Accessory (21) 130 Quasimodo Boots Nihopalaoa
Accessory (22) 160 Germinas Boots Ring of Renewal
Ribbon Equip 215 Ribbon

Quickenings, Gambits, Summoning

License LP Notes
Gambit Slot 15
Gambit Slot 20
Gambit Slot 25
Gambit Slot 30
Gambit Slot 35
Gambit Slot 40
Gambit Slot 45
Gambit Slot 50
Gambit Slot 70
Gambit Slot 100
Quickening 50
Quickening 75
Quickening 100
Quickening 125
Belias 20
Mateus 30
Zalera 30
Adrammelech 35
Hashmal 50
Cúchulainn 50
Shemhazai 50
Exodus 65
Zeromus 65
Chaos 100
Famfrit 100


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