[FFXII: TZA] Recommended Espers Allocation

This article contains a recommended list of skills for certain job class depending on which Esper to assign.

This article contains a guide on the recommended esper allocation. In doing so, it’ll allow a complete optimization of damage for both Esper and character.

Recommended Espers Per Job Class

Having recommended Espers already is a bit of a debate. But basing it off one which character should use it is a more complex affair. In the old Final Fantasy XII game, the Esper allocation did not affect the power or stat distribution of the characters. It also didn’t affect the kind of skills one would learn based on the Espers. However, ever since the International Zodiac Job System (IZJS), that mechanic has changed. Having certain Esper licenses open on certain job classes may unlock certain abilities. Because of this, it may also affect your playing style and strategy.

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Recommended Esper Allocation

Note: Some of these allocations may be subjected to change since the game has not been released yet.

Job Class Recommended Esper Skills Unlocked
 White Mage Chaos  HP +310, Great Sword 2
Famfrit Daggers 5 and Numerology
Zodiark Great Sword 1
Cuchulainn Libra
Shemhazai HP +230
Black Mage Adrammelech Hand Bomb 2
 Mateus Hand Bomb 3
Hashmal  Hand Bomb 4
 Zeromus Heavy Armor 7
Exodus  Heavy Armor 8
Shemhazai Heavy Armor 9
Samurai Belias Libra
Zeromus Magick Lore x2
Exodus HP +500
Uhlan Chaos Bio, Blindga, Aeroga, Silencega
Cuchulainn Wither
Hashmal Bonecrusher
Ultima Expose
Red Battlemage Cuchulainn Fir-, Thun- Bizzaga, Sleepga
Time Battlemage Chaos HP +270
 Adrammelech Cura, Raise
 Zeromus Addle, Shear
Zalera Ether Lores x2
Zodiark Swords 10-12
Famfrit Battle Lore +1
Ultima Battle Lore +1
Mateus HP +310
Foebreaker  –
Archer Shemhazai Heavy Armor 10, 11, 12
Famfrit +390 HP, +435 HP
Zodiark Infuse, 1000 Needles
Machinist Zodiark +390 HP
Famfrit Vanishga, Warp, Reflectga, Slowga, Graviga, Hastega
Knight Mateus Esuna, Cleanse, Regen, Curaga
Hashmal Confuse, Faith, Bravery, Curaja
Exodus HP +350
Monk Zodiark Renew
Famfrit Arise and Dispelga
Zalera  Traveler
Chaos Holy, Esunaga, Protectga, and Shellga
Zeromus  Sight Unseeing
Exodus Souleater
Hashmal Cura, Raise
Shikari Cuchulainn Protecga, Shellga
Shemhazai Guns 5, Guns 6
Adrammelech Shades of Black


However, the arrangement here is simply a suggestion. It’s one way to build a particular build for the job classes. But if there are builds you’d like to recommend – leave it in the comments below.

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