[FFXII: TZA] Irreversible and Missable Features

This article contains the Irreversible and Missable Features in FFXII: TZA. We will be updating this as we go along.

This article contains an explanation of the Irreversible and Missable Features which includes Job Class System, Side Quests, Items, and Dungeons.

Irreversible and Missable Features

*Updated 08/29/2o17

Job Class System cannot be changed

Job Class plays a vital role in determining which weapons and equipment can be worn by the character. Some Job classes perform exceptionally well when dealing with certain enemies. Apart from that, they do not need to invest too much time grinding for Experience. In The Zodiac Age, if you switch Job Classes it entails starting over. This inhibits the character from using exclusive gears he once had in his previous Job Class.

Click here to see a detailed guide on the Job Class System.

Apart from equipment, The Zodiac Age also considers the License Board. The License Board basically lists a number of abilities that the character can acquire through a grid. By accumulating License Points (LP), the Character can avail of those Abilities by spending LP to make the Job Class perform more efficiently. Be sure to distribute the LP appropriately.

Side Quests

If you progress through the story quickly, you will miss out on some scenes.

Click here to see a detailed guide on the Side Quests.


A number of items require certain methods to be obtained. In other words, if you do not fulfill the requirements, you will not obtain them.

Hunt Club

In order to take part of the Hunt Club, you have to find Doctor Cid who is stationed at the Draklor Laboratory. Then return to the Clan found at Phon Coast and interact with the huntmaster who is standing close to the hunt board. Tell him “you’re a bird of prey” to receive the task of hunting for the creature in Vaddu Strand.

Proceed to the location and search for the mountain. Idle for 10 seconds to summon the target. Finish the combat and report the findings to the huntmaster to become a member of the Hunt Club. The Club consists of 80 various hunts, report 10 trophies to each of the bangaa to unlock the Hunt Club Reward for the Zodiac Spear.

Bear in mind that this weapon costs 999,999 Gil.

Digging for the Zodiac Spear

In case you accidentally saved your game and miss the chance to obtain the legendary Zodiac Spear, there is an alternative. It requires that you proceed to Henne Mines Phase 2 site, which can be reached from The Feywood if you defeat Zodiark. Another way to get there is to at least have 10 Espers, then ask for permission in Jahara. After fulfilling the prerequisite, navigate through the Ore Separation to arrive at Phase 2 Dig. Equip the Diamond Armlet, then burrow the ground to chance for a Zodiac Spear. With the weapon’s spawn rate at a measly 1%, this method might require some trial and error since it is common to find Gils or Elixir.

Genji Equipment

Occurs as one of the strongest equipment sets in the game. Although it does not appear as a Reward from the Elite Mark Hunt Gilgamesh, it involves a trick. In order to obtain pieces of this set, it involves using Steal Technik on the Gilgamesh before finishing the Hunt.

Dungeons inaccessible after Clearing

Be sure to explore these Dungeons fully before you exit.

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This guide seems to be based on FFXII data instead of FFXII TZA or FFXII IZJS. I suggest anyone looking at this guide take all information with a grain of salt.


I second this, I don’t remember hearing crap about how the ZS in IZJS requires you not opening certain treasure chests.


In TZA they removed the forbidden chest requirement but moved the spear to a different late game location so you can no longer run to it mid game

John Doe

If your talking about the zodiac spear near zodiark with a 2% drop and respawnable then that one’s in both versions. It’s funny that the Zodiac Age still has the puzzle talking about the 4 chests even though they removed it. I know people tend to miss the mention in both versions but the 4 chests that is mentioned is related to this side quest that was part of the original NA version. The quest states that they hidden 4 items for the owner as safe guard to ensure they get their item they lost and tells you the location… Read more »