[FFXII: TZA] Sidequest Walkthrough – Earth Tyrant Extermination

Sidequest – Earth Tyrant Extermination

Sidequest Availability

  • Access Conditions

To access the Earth Tyrant Extermination side quest, find Rizmat at Rabanastre’s Westgate, then go find Cotze at the Southern Plaza (he is sitting on the fountain). After talking to Cotze, go to the Number 5 Storehouse in Lowton and talk to Northon.

Northon will send you to a sanctioned part of the Windtrace Dunes. Search the Dynast-Cactoids until you find the Wind Globe. Head back to the Westgate and you find Rizmat, Cotze, and Northon together in a specific area. They will give you the completed Windvane.

Head to Westrersand and go to the small area in the top right corner of the map that cannot be accessed before because of a sandstorm. The Earth Tyrant can be fought once the sandstorm is cleared by using the Windvane.

  • Missable Conditions




Earth Tyrant
Name Earth Tyrant Element Earth
Combo Receive
Steal Hi-Potion, Tyrant Hide, Tyrant Bone Receive


Level 30 EXP 0
HP 70982 MP 540
LP 21 Clan Points ???
Gil 0


Elemental Resistance
Fire x1/2 Earth Drain
Ice x1/2 Holy x1/2
Water x1/2 Dark x1/2
Wind x1/2 Elec x1/2

It is recommended that you have to spread out your party members (triangle attack) during this boss battle. Because your party members are spread out, the Earth Tyrant will not have a chance of eliminating all of your party members in one blow. Whenever one of your party members gets KO’ed, revive them immediately.

Cast Slow on the Earth Tyrant so that you can have more time planning your moves. Also, it is better to have at least three long-range attackers in your party so that the boss will have a harder time getting close to them while they are attacking.

The boss’s defense will rise near the end of the battle, so this is a good time to use a Quickening against it.

After defeating the boss, go to Montblanc at Clan Centurio and you will receive 1200 gil.

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