[Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age] Ninja Swords Weapon List

This is a Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age weapons guide. Here you’ll discover the various Ninja Swords you can find in-game.

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Ninja Swords Weapons List

one-handed katana axes hammers daggersNinja swords are better used for combos than a katana. Some swords cause dark elemental damage (in the original FFXII they all cause Dark damage.) 

Name Attack Evade CT Attribute
Ashura 72 10 22 Blind
Sakura-saezuri  77 12 22 Slow
Kagenui  81 13 22 Slow
Koga Blade  87 15 22 Earth
Iga Blade  87 15 22 Water
Orochi  94 18 22 Disable
Yagyu Darkblade  98 24 22 Dark / Doom
Mesa (Orochi N)  102 32 22 Poison

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