[FFXII: TZA] What are Gambits?

This article contains a summarized explanation of the Gambit System in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age/ FF12: TZA.

This article aims to explain the Gambits and the Gambit System for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA].

What are Gambits?

Gambits have always been part of the Final Fantasy XII battle system. Instead of issuing single commands, the Gambits appear as a list of commands instead. In doing so, the player can issue a variety of commands to have the AI-controlled character play a specific role. The Gambit system allows the player to focus on fighting while being reassured that the allies will follow your orders.

How do Gambits work?

A Gambit works similarly to programming. They also work based on priority which is why majority of the gambits appear similarly to equations. However, the priority assumption for the Gambit System can be overruled if and only if, the condition of a particular gambit is fulfilled first.

For example:

  1. Foe: HP<90% – Attack
  2. Foe: HP=100% – Steal

Even if the Foe: HP <90% – Attack is the first on the Gambit command list, the other gambit – Foe: HP=100% – Steal – will take priority. Thus, the order will become Steal then Attack. This will continue until the HP drops below 90% which will issue to the character to only attack until the enemy is defeated. Because at the start of the battle, the enemy’s HP = 100% thus the Steal Technick will occur first. However,  if no such conflict occurs then, it will follow the order priority. But you’re not limited to only one to two commands. Once the License Board for the Gambit System is filled, a character can receive up to 10 commands.

By creating different combos, the player can issue a variety of commands which allow flexibility of the players. However, not all the characters jive well with particular commands. Some of the commands work better on another character rather than the one of your choice. However, another one to take into consideration is their Job Class. Some job classes learn skills specific only to their class especially ever since the International Zodiac Job System.

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