[FFXII: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 2 – Rabanastre

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Main Walkthrough for Part 2 – Rabanastre. This will contain the items, the bosses, the enemies, and everything you’ll come across in Rabanastre.

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Part 2 – Rabanastre

East Dalmasca Estersand

  1. Head towards Sandsea

Once you reach this area in Dalmasca Estersand, you’ll find the Rogue Tomato happily skipping around. Take out the wolves around it first before going after the Rogue Tomato. This particular creature uses Fire-based attacks so, use Water attacks to weaken it. When it reaches half HP, it’ll try to run away. Circle around it and kill it before it runs too far.

Watch out for your health as well as its Fire attacks can deal 20-30 damage.

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  1. Head back to the Royal City of Rabanastre

After defeating the Stray Tomato, make your way back to the city. You’ll also find a rare Galvana Flower lying around. So, don’t forget to grab it. Before you enter Rabanastre however, you’ll spot a large creature wandering nearby. Do not confront it. It can deal 1000 damage per hit which will immediately kill you.

Royal City of Rabanastre

  1. Head through the gate.
  2. Talk to Tomaji at the bar.

As you reach the gate, there’ll be a cutscene between you and your brother. The guards will also give you a hard time for a bit before letting you in. Once you enter the city, you’ll be able to explore any part of the city. But first, head to the bar and talk to Tomaji. There, you’ll receive your rewards: 300 Gil, 2 Potions, and a Teleport Stone.

  1. Head to the Clan Headquarters.

Before heading East, talk to the Banga guarding a door with a “???”. Show him your Clan Report to get inside. Once you get inside, talk to the Moogle – Montblanc to join Clan Centurio. You’ll get a lot of goodies such as rewards for your clan ranks. You’ll also have access to the Clan shop which is south of the Clan HQ. Talk to Montblanc again to grab those free 3 potions.

Rabanastre Lowtown

  1. Meet with Old Dalan at Rabanastre Lowtown

As you reach Old Dalan, ask him how to sneak into the Palace. He said the only way to do so is to give him a Sun Stone. However, to find the Sun Stone, you’ll have to go through Giza Plains.

  1. Giza Plains

Head out south from the southern gate. Once you head out through the gate, there’s a camp filled with people. When you head towards that camp, speak to their leader for a Sun Stone. However, he’ll tell you he doesn’t have one since the kid who makes them isn’t back yet. To find the kid, talk to Camina.

Once you have the info, track down Jin. You’ll find him and he’ll give you a Shadestone for you to charge up. If you’re lucky, you only need two crystals. After you charge the crystals, give the Shadestone to Jin and he’ll give you the Sun Stone.

  1. Buy the map at the Map Store

There’s a map store you can head to buy maps. Head to the northwest corner where you can buy the maps. Eastern Dalmasca Estersand Map 50 Gil, West Dalmasca Estersand 550 Gil, Giza Plains Map, 50 Gil.

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