[FFXII: TZA] Post-Game Content

This page contains the list of all post-game content that you can find after beating the main story of the game.

Post-Game Content

New Game+

After watching the ending, the level of your party members (including guest members) will start at level 90 once you load up your save file again. The party members’ jobs will return to its initial state, but your money and equipment will still be there after the ending.

Trial Mode

You can easily go through 100 stages of Trial Mode once you’ve beaten the game due to your party members’ level.

At the 100th and last stage of Trial Mode, you will be fighting all the Judges of Ivalice.

To know more about the Trial Mode, click here.

Get the Strongest Weapons

Getting the strongest weapons in the game is much more easier after finishing the main story. Click here to know more about where to get the best weapons in FFXII: TZA.

Get the Strongest Equipment

There are several powerful armor pieces and accessories for each job that you can collect after finishing the main story of the game. Click here to know more about where to get the strongest equipment in Ivalice.

Hidden Espers

There are some hidden Espers that you can capture in secret areas of the game. You can try to capture them while playing through the main story, but some of them would be very difficult to defeat if you are not in the recommended level and equipped with the right equipment

Here is a list of all hidden Espers in Ivalice:

Hidden Bosses

There are three hidden bosses that you can find in Ivalice. These hidden bosses are Hell Wyrm, Yiazmat, and Omega Mk XII. Click the name of each hidden boss below for an in-depth guide on how to defeat them.


After beating the main story, you may still complete some of the hunts that you haven’t accepted before. Click here to see the full list of Hunts in Ivalice.

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