[FFXII: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 4 – Garamsythe Waterway

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Main Walkthrough for Part 4 – Garamsythe Waterway. This will contain the items, the bosses, the enemies, and everything you’ll come across in the Gramsythe Waterway.

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Part 4 – Gramsythe Waterway

Gramsythe Waterway

    1. Balthier and Fran will now join the party.
      • Balthier will then give you a Gambit Tutorial.
      • However, take note: there are two boss fights. So, prepare and save frequently.
    2. Eastern Water Control Area
      • Look for the treasure box. Inside that treasure box, there’s a map for Gramsythe Waterway. Grab it to make your way around.
      • After that, head southward.
    3. Eastern Water Distribution Area
      • As you head southward, you’ll find yourself helping Amalia.
      • Amalia’s a temporary guest member. Guest members cannot be controlled; however, they are equipped with good armor and weapons to help them survive.
      • Kill the 5 Imperial Swordsmen. Defeat them one at a time.
      • Head further on and you’ll find some Puddings.
        • There are four Puddings. Have Fran cast Fire to defeat them.
        • Before fighting the Puddings, use the Save Point.
    4. Proceed to the Center Control Area
      • As you enter the Central Control Area, there’s another boss to take down. This creature is known as the Bushfire.
        • It’s weak against Water attacks.
        • Fran’s Fire spell is not effective.
        • He has a large attack called Bushfire. It’s poison + fire damage. Use Antidotes, Potions or, Cure when necessary.
    5. Once you’re out, there will be a cut-scene before Vaan and his team are arrested.

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