[FFXII: TZA] Black Magick List

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] Black Magick List. It includes the Black Magick Name, MP Cost, License required, and Location for each.

Black Magick List

Name MP License Location
Fire 6 Black Magic 1 Shop: Royal City Rabanastre
Deal fire damage to all foes in range.
Thunder 8 Black Magic 1 Shop: Barheim Passage
Shop: Kingdom Rabanastre (after escaping Narubina)
Deal lightning damage to all foes in range.
Blizzard 10 Black Magic 2 Shop: Dalmasca Estersand (After taking the Shadestone)
Deal ice damage to all foes in range.
Blind 10 Black Magic 2 Treasure: Giza Plains (Toam Hills during Dry Season)
Lower one foe’s chance to hit.
Inflicts Blind.
Water 12 Black Magic 3 Shop: Sky city Bhujerba (Clear Ba’Gaman in Lhusu Mines)
Deal water damage to one foe.
Silence 8 Black Magic 3 Treasure: Dalmasca Estersand (Yardang Labyrinth)
Prevent one foe from casting magicks.
Inflicts Silence to 1 enemy.
Aero 14 Black Magic 4 Shop: Rabanastre (defeat Belias)
Deal wind damage to all foes in range.
Sleep 10 Black Magic 4 Treasure: Dreadnought Leviathan (Starboard), Ogir-Yensa Sandsea (First Platform – East Tanks)
Put one foe to sleep.
Inflicts Sleep to 1 enemy.
Fira 16 Black Magic 5 Shop: Jahara, Land of the Garif
Deal fire damage to all foes in range.
Poison 8 Black Magic 5 Treasure: Dalmasca Estersand (Sand-Swept Naze)
Damage on foe over time.
Inflicts Poison.
Thundara 18 Black Magic 6 Shop: Eruyt Village (Obtain Lente’s Tear first)
Deal lightning damage to all foes in range.
Blizzara 20 Black Magic 6 Shop: Mt Bur-Omisace
Deal ice damage to all foes in range.
Bio 24 Black Magic 7 Shop: Mt Bur-Omisace (clear Stilshrine of Miriam)
Inflict Sap and deal damage to all foes in range.
Adds Sap effect.
Blindga 20 Black Magic 7 Treasure: Tchita Uplands (Fields of Eternity)
Lower the chance to hit of all foes in range.
Inflicts Blind to all enemies in range.
Aeroga 38 Black Magic 8 Shop: Archades
Deal heavy wind damage to all foes in range.
Silencega 22 Black Magic 8 Treasure: Necrohol of Nabudis (Hall of Effulgent Light)
Prevents all foes in range from casting magicks.
Inflicts Silence to all enemies in range.
Fiaga 38 Black Magic 9 Shop: Phon Coast
Deal heavy fire damage to all foes in range.
Thundaga 40 Black Magic 9 Shop: Archades
Deal heavy lightning damage to all foes in range.
Blizzaga 42 Black Magic 10 Shop: Balfonheim
Deal heavy ice damage to all foes in range.
Sleepga 26 Black Magic 10 Treasure: Giruvegan (The Haalmikah Water-Steps)
Put all foes in range to sleep.
Inflicts Sleep to all enemies in range.
Shock 34 Black Magic 11 Balfonheim (Sky Fortress Bahamut appeared)
Deal heavy non-elemental damage to one foe.
Toxify 26 Black Magic 11 Treasure: Barheim Passage (East-West Bypass)
Damage all foes in range over time.
Inflicts Poison to all enemies in range.
Scourge 48 Black Magic 12 Shop: Barheim Passage (After getting Treaty Blade)
Inflict Sap and deal heavy damage to all foes in range.
Major non-elemental damage to all targets and guaranteed of inflicting Sap.
Flare 46 Black Magic 12 Treasure: Pharos – Third Ascent (Spire Ravel – 1st Flight)
Deal massive damage to one foe.
Scathe 70 Black Magic 13 Treasure: Lhusu Mines (Staging Area)
Deal massive damage to all foes in range.

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