[Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age] Staves Weapon List

This is a Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age weapons guide. Here you’ll discover the various Staves you can find in-game.

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Staves Weapons List

one-handed katana axes hammers daggers stavesDaggers deal significantly lesser amount of damage but hit faster, and have  a lot of additional status effects. While the dagger have the least charge time, they cannot knockback enemies. 

Name Attack Evade CT Attribute
Oak Staff  15 8 34
Cherry Staff  29 8 34 Wind
Wizard’s Staff  26 8 34
Flame Staff  34 8 34  Fire
Storm Staff  36 8 34 Lightning
Glacial Staff  38 8 34  Ice
Golden Staff  42 8 34
Judicer’s Staff  48 8 34 Stop
Cloud Staff 49 8 34 Water / Wind / Lightning
Staff of the Magi 53 8 34 Ice / Wind / Holy

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