Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII - [FFXII: TZA] Main Walkthrough Part 3 – Entering Rabanastre Royal Palace

This is the Walkthrough for Part 3 - Entering Rabanastre Royal Palace for Final Fantasy XII. This contains the items, bosses, enemies, and everything you come across in the Rabanastre Royal Palace.

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Part 3 – Entering Rabanastre Royal Palace

Royal City of Rabanastre

    1. Old Man Dalan
      • After getting the stone, head back to Old Man Dalan.
      • Hand the Sun Stone over to Dalan in order to get the Crescent Stone.
      • Once you get the Crescent Stone, head to Storage #5 which is at the north end of the Lowtown area. Take the west door as it leads you to the next area: Garamsythe Waterway.
        • Talk to Kaitos to grab a two Potions and four Eye Drops.
        • Once you enter, you cannot leave the dungeon. Make sure you’re well-prepared. If you don’t have Cure or Libra, get them now.

Garamsythe Waterway

    1. Once inside, use the map.
      • The place is generally straightforward. Use the map if you still get lost.
      • Steal from the Bat-like enemies. They can drop Teleport Stones that are useful and sell for 100 Gil a piece.
      • Don’t let the rats gang up on you. They deal a lot of damage when they’re together.
    1. After you reach the end, you’ll find yourself in the Royal Rabanastre Palace.

Royal Rabanastre Palace (Inside)

    1. Speak to the servants.
      • There will be some servants roving around. Speak to them before trying to head upstairs.
      • When you try to go upstairs, there’s a guard that will block your way.
    2. Talk to the nearby servant.
      • The nearby servant will trigger a mini-game of sorts. Your job is to call the guard over and slip past him.
      • After slipping past the first guard, you’ll have to do the same with two other guards. Move them to one side and sneak past.
        • If you get spotted, you’ll be sent back to the beginning. Be careful.
      • There are other guards, but they won’t bother you if you don’t approach them.
    3. Find the Lion Seal
      • A cutscene will play once you find it.
      • There will be a light glowing from the wall. Examine it to open a secret passageway.
      • Head down the hallway until you reach a locked door. Since it’s locked, check the switch behind the wall.
      • The path behind the dorr will lead to your two new party members: Balthier and Fran. Vaan will also take some random treasure: the Goddess Magic Stone.
      • After that, run.
      • Run up the stairs for another event once the chaos subsides. There, you’ll run back to Gramsythe Waterway with Balthier and Fran.

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