[FFXII: TZA] Leveling Guide – Early Stages

This article contains the Leveling Guide – Early Stages of the Main Story. It includes the EXP grinding locations, the strategy and a sample of Gambits.

Leveling Guide – Early Stages

*All efficient earnings are made using the chain

Dalmasca Westersand / Galtea Downs – Dustia

Chaining Dustia
Level: ~1, Experience: for each member, ~1100.

Known as an undead-type creature. Any character from the party can defeat it easily by using Phoenix Down.


① Open the Menu Bar then set Battle Status to Wait mode and disable Turbo mode.

② As soon as Dustia emerges from the Corridor of Sand, use Phoenix Down on it using L1.

③ As Dustia is about to fall, mash ○ to quickly bring up the Battle Menu command and wait for its loot to drop.

④ Once you confirm that the treasure has fallen, close the battle command and hastily pick up the drop as you exit the location. Make sure to do so before the EXP and LP shows up on screen. *

* If the position where you defeated Dustia is far from the entrance, move the area without forcibly picking up the wires.
* Since it may be caught by other characters when moving, it may fail, so it is easier to do by one person.

Barheim Passage / Great Central Passage – Skeleton

Chaining Skeletons
Level: 3~15, Experience Value: each member can gain up to 120.
An advantage of chaining Skeletons is that the enemies are relatively easy to defeat.
Also, you can earn money because Bone Fragments can be sold for 193 Gil each.


① Head to Central Cross District and defeat 8 Skeletons that spawn. *1

② Once you clear the area, proceed North approaching North – South Junction to Special Op Sector 3. * 2

③ At Special Op Sector 3, immediately move from North-South Junction to Great Central Passage.

④ Rinse and Repeat.

  • 1: Avoid defeating the Battery Mimic.
  • 2: Do not examine the Save Crystal found on the North-South Junction as this will break the Chain.

Henne Mines / Pithead Junction B – Jelly

Chaining Jelly

Level: ~20, Experience: grants around 380 EXP per member.
Fira is a recommended Black Magick to use when Chaining Jelly. This Magick is efficient in earning LP as it takes out enemies in a short time.
Once you attain 100 chains, you can loot some Yellow Liquid and 99 Water Magicite (which costs around 60,000 G).


① From the Save Crystal, head over to Crossover B.

② Go through Crossover B → Crossover A → Pithead Junction B.

③ Activate the switch at the Pithead Junction B to cause a group of Jelly to fall off. Defeat them Jelly with Fira. * 1

④ Head to Pithead Junction B → Crossover A → Crossover B.

⑤ Repeat steps 4 onwards.

  • 1: Be sure to ensnare them within Range.
  • 2: It ends when Yellow Liquid reaches 99 pieces.

Henne Mines / Pithead Junction C – Abysteel

Abysteel hunting
Level: around level 60. Experience: One teammate can gain up to 3000 EXP.
In order to unlock the site where they spawn, defeat 10 Espers then finish the Mindflayer hunt. Finally talk to the Geomancer in Jahara to gain entrance to the dungeon.
Due to the Abysteels high levels, it is recommended to grind somewhere else prior to visiting this location.


① Push the switch on Pithead Junction C. *

② Since a group of Abysteel will spawn, cast Sleepga to put them to sleep.

③ Once Abysteel has been put to sleep, cast the AoE Curaja multiple times against them.

④ Once you defeat Abysteel, return to Pithead Junction C → Second stage tunnel → Crossover C.

⑤ Follow the path back to Pithead Junction C again, then rinse and repeat.

  • The recommended route is to keep the color of the switch red.

[Example of Gambits for hunting Abysteel]

  • Character A
1 Ally: Any Arise / Raise
2 HP<70% Curaja
3 Foe: nearest visible Sleepga
4 Ally: Any Protectga
5 Ally: Any Bubble
6 Foe: status = Sleep Curaja
  • Character B
1 Ally: Any Arise / Raise
2 Foe: nearest visible Sleepga
3 HP<70% Curaja
4 Ally: Any Facer
5 Ally: Any Hastega
6 Foe: status = Sleep Curaja
  • Character C
1 HP<70% Ally: Any
2 Ally: Any Hastega
3 Ally: Any Protectga
4 Foe: status = Sleep Curaja

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