[FFXII: TZA: Concurrence – Quickening Chains and Fusions

This article aims to explain how Concurrences work and how to get the desired Concurrence.

This article aims to show how Concurrence works along with tips and tricks to perform it in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12:TZA].


The Concurrence is a rare event where the Quickening chains together enough times. Upon completion, the casting of the Concurrence will inflict a certain amount of damage based on the power level and enemy level. For example: the Quickening Black Hole has 253 fixed damage. If one uses the attack against Zodiark at level 63, the equation will be as follows:

253 (Black Hole Damage) x 63 (Level of Zodiark)

= 15939

Once the casting has finished, Zodiark will then receive 15939 damage for the completion of the Black Hole Quickening.

List of Concurrences

Concurrences Quickenings Required
Power Lv1 Lv2 Lv3
Inferno 90 3 Times or More
Cataclysm 110 6 Times or More
Torrent 130 2 Times or More 2 Times or More
Windburst 155 5 Times or More
Whiteout 175 5 Times or More
Ark Blast 205 2 Times or More 2 Times or More 2 Times or More
Luminescence 215 3 Times or More 3 Times or More 3 Times or More
Black Hole 253 4 Times or More 4 Times or More 4 Times or More

Tips to activate Black Hole

  • Focus on a single character while performing the sequence.
  • Keep activating Mist Charge on the character that activates it the first time.
  • Activate a level 3 Quickening.
  • Keep selecting Level 3 Quickening especially during Mist Charge.

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