[FFXII: TZA] Vaan Character Guide

This is a Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age character guide. We will introduce the recommended jobs, character stats, weapons and the like of Vaan.

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Character Name


vaanVaan is a bright boy that lives in Downtown Rabanastre, which once belonged to Dalmasca and now is under the rule of the Archadian Empire.

However, Vaan was not satisfied by his current circumstances, and sought freedom from the Empire.

He desires to become a sky pirate.

Gameplay Characteristics


  • Strength: Numbers involved in being hit by enemies
  • Mist Points: Magic attack
  • Vitality: Status abnormalities
  • Speed: Waiting time between actions
Lv HP MP Strength Mag. Pwr. Vitality Speed
1 82-83 30-33 23 22 24 24
10 280-314 67-93 28 27 27 25
20 640-737 120-187 34 32 31 26
30 1103-1284 175-284 39 37 35 28
40 1542-1802 242-404 45 42 39 29
50 2241-2632 300-506 51 48 42 31
60 2859-3364 353-600 56 53 46 32
70 3209-3776 393-667 62 58 50 33
80 3613-4252 434-734 68 63 54 35
90 4164-4905 460-774 73 69 57 36
99 4786-5643 473-786 78 73 61 37

Initial Licenses

Name Contents
 Command Fight, item
Steal Steal
Daggers 1 Dagger
Light Armor 1 Leather Hat, Leather Clothes


Quickenings are a deathblow technique. Each character has three quickenings, and will be unlocked by unlocking them in the license board.

All effects deal massive damage to enemies. As the level goes up, the cartridge use will rise like 1→2→3.

Level Quickening
Lv1 Red Spiral
Lv2 White Whorl
Lv3 Pyroclasm

Recommended Jobs

* Note: We recommend that you assign Vaan in these jobs because they are easy to use and will maximize his effectiveness. However, Vaan can use other jobs. Please see each job for details.

Physical Jobs

  • Knight
    Physical attacks are used the most, but you can use recovery magic, depending on the license. This job suits Vaan since he originally has good magical power and speed.
  • Bushi
    You won’t learn a lot of spells with this job, but this is perfect because it depends on attack power and magical power. Although it’s like the knight a bit, using Vaan as a support character via Bushi is wonderful.
  • Other Physical Jobs are also pretty easy to use. Vaan is suitable in any physically-focused job system.

Magick-based Jobs

  • Red Battlemage
    An all-rounder job. However, it’s more appropriate for you to use a two-handed sword here. It’s very annoying to organize the gambits for the Red Battlemage, but it is quite rewarding.

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