[FFXII: TZA] Active Dimension Battle (ADB) System

This article contain information on the Active Dimension Battle (ADB) System. It includes a summary and breakdown of the Battle System, Command Types, Escape, and License Board.

Active Dimension Battle (ADB) System

A battle system unique to Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. A battle system that developed from the Active Time Battle (ATB) System. Removing the occasion of random battles, through this system, whenever the character comes near an enemy on the field, the screen will instantly turn to combat without the need for loading.

Basic Flow of Battle

How to encounter an enemy

  1. Find an enemy on the field.
  2. Whenever you approach an enemy on the field, a symbol will pop up on top of the enemy to indicate an attack.
    When the attack is enabled, an icon is displayed above the enemy’s symbol.

Battle actions

  • Assigning commands

Certain colors correspond to interactions between characters and enemies. A blue color indicates that the character aims at a certain enemy in order to attack. A red color will appear whenever an enemy targets a character. Finally, interactions between allies such as one healing another will be shown by a green color.

Consider these colors when acquainting with the battle system.

  • Building-up Gauges

Whenever you select commands during combat, a gauge will pop up on the left hand side of the Character’s name. This gauge will fill up during the course of the battle. For allies, the speed by which the gauge fills up will depend on this character’s behavior during battle. Certain Magick can influence the speed by which this meter increases, an example of which is the Magick – Haste. This occurs simultaneously, in other words, while planning for the next action, you will start filling up the gauge.

  • Executing an Action

By the time the gauge is maxed out, the character will perform a specific Action.
* Basically, when selecting a command, it automatically moves within range.

  • Assign as indicated in no. 1. and Input the Command

Rinse and repeat the actions stated above to continue with the battle in order to eliminate the surrounding enemies. By defeating them, you will earn some of the following: Experience, Gil, and loot.

Command Type

  • Normal Attacks
    • With the respect to the assigned Job Class, the character will strike the enemy with the specified weapon.
    • Range and Attack Power varies per weapon wielded.
    • Defeat enemies in succession to land a chain.
      If you can continue to defeat enemies during a streak, you can loot Rare Items.
  • Magick Abilities
  • Quickening
    • Similar to other Final Fantasy’s Limit Break, FFXII: TZA follows the Quickening system.
      Click here to see a detailed guide on using Quickening.
  • Gambits
    • Gambits can be freely turned on/off.
    • A unique mechanic which allows the player to configure the AI’s preset actions.
    • When properly configured, certain actions normally assigned will be done automatically after conditions are met.
      • Click here to see a detailed guide on Gambits.
  • Items
    • Classified either as Restorative, Offensive, and Support Items.
    • Bear in mind that certain consumables such as Motes will have a cooldown effect since they function similar to Magick.


Sometimes during combat you would prefer to flee from the encounter to avoid the risk of being wiped out. To perform an escape, press the R2 button, to bring up Escape displayed on the screen. This will provide the team with the option of avoiding the encounter and resume movement across the overworld. Escape is recommended whenever a Strong enemy appears or if you find your team surrounded.

License Board

Similar to a Skill Tree, the License Board consists of a tiled board that displays a number of elements such as Techniks, Magicks, etc. In order to unlock the elements on the tile board, the character must spend License Points (LP). License Points can be earned by defeating enemies.

Click here to see a detailed guide on the Job Classes.

With LP spent, characters can gain access to more powerful gears, and new Abilities.

Click here to see a detailed guide on the License Board.

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