[Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age/ FF12: TZA] New Features and Fixes

This article contains the new features and fixes for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

New Features and Fixes!

When Square Enix decided to fix Final Fantasy XII, they added a variety of things that improved the gameplay of the game. While they did fix some of the aesthetic portions of Final Fantasy XII, the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has new features. Some of these features involve improved sound and graphics. Others also include improved battle system, the stats growth, and also the job class system.

List of Features and Fixes

  • Visual improvements
    • Higher resolution for graphics: backgrounds, character models, and all 2D parts. This also includes fonts.
    • Movie scenes have a better resolution and higher resolution for graphics.
    • Additional improvements on facial expressions. Animations and expressions system are customized to the current generation’s level of animations.
  • Sound improvements
    • 7.1 ch surround support since the PS2 could only handle quasi-surround sound or the Pro Logic II. This time, the game adjusts to the 7.1 sound system of the PS$ for discrete surround sound.
    • Voice support and voice acting improved to higher quality.
    • Switchable between English or Japanese voice acting. This option is available in the Config menu.
    • Selection of original or new remastered soundtracks. This is an option in the Config menu.
    • Additional eight soundtracks for one to choose from.
  • Usability improvements
    • There are shorter load times.
    • The game now has auto-save functionality.
    • High Speed Modes have improvements and also transitions. Processing of information improved in terms of animations and programming.
    • Maps now have a transparent overlay.
    • Free adjustment of camera: invert-able x and y axes.
  • Game balance
    • Each playable character can have two jobs at once.
    • Game balance has been adjusted in terms of stat distribution and growth.

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