Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age / FFXII - Tula (Gastrophetes S)

Weapon guide for the Gastrophetes in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

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Tula (Gastrophetes S)

Gastrophetes Weapon

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The Tula is a ranger mythic crossbow weapon in Final Fantasy XII and it is the upgraded version of Gastrophetes and ultimate crossbow included in the Zodiac versions. Its license costs 115 LP and it can be used by the Time Battlemage.


Type Range
Crossbow Long

Gastrophetes is a crossbow with average speed and attack for its weapon type. It grants access to the mythic weapon skill Trueflight. Due to the poor damage of crossbow ammunition compared to bullets and arrows, the high cost of the weapon, and the low damage of its magic based weapon skill, very few Gastrophetes have been made.

Below is our classification on this upgraded weapon, its combat stats, and where to find it.


Name Version Weapon Type
Tula Zodiac Crossbow

Combat Stats

Attack Evade CT Critical Rate Price
 91 5 24 7% 20,500
License Element Additional effect
Crossbows 4

How to find

Means Location Guide
Treasure Pharos – Second Ascent (Station of Suffering)

Source Guide

gastrophetes weapon map
Sidequest Hunt Club In Phon coast, look for the Shifty-Eyed Merchant. Make sure you have 27 trophies, 25 given to Atak, 1 given to Blok, and 1 given to Stok. You’ll also have to spend 104,000 gil to buy the weapon.

Gastrophetes Weapon Map

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