[FFXII: TZA] Exodus, the Judge-Sal Boss Guide

This article contains the boss guide for Exodus, the Judge-Sal.

This page contains a boss guide on Exodus, the Judge-Sal, including boss stats and strategy guide on how to defeat it in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FF12:TZA).

Exodus, the Judge-Sal

Exodus, the Judge-Sal
Source: Final Fantasy Wikia

If you’re looking for the Exodus (Esper Guide), please click here.

Name Exodus Element
Combo Receive
Steal Libra Gem, Elixir
High Arcana

Exodus, the Judge-Sal is the zodiac representation for Libra. Similar to Shemhazai, Exodus has no defining element other than it being called Aether. Instead, he is considered a non-elemental esper. His magic involves a variety of spells that deal non-elemental damage such as Comet and Meteor. As one of the optional Espers, Exodus does not appear unless one goes to Mosphoran Highwaste. There, access the shrines in the correct order in order to reach him.

Finding Exodus:

  • Buy Gyashl Greens from the Clan Provisioner in Rabanastre Bazaar.
    • You must be at least Hedge Knight Rank in Clan Centurio.
    • If not, you can also buy from Dyce next to the Gate Crystal in Balfonheim Port.
  • Head to Phon Coast and begin activating the shrines.
  • Shrine Locations
    • South Wind Shrine: South of the shop
      • Head to the northeastern exit from the Babbling Vale and use Gysahl Greens to mount the chocobo.
      • Ride it across the hidden path.
      • Go all the way to the west and cross through the high grass.
      • Proceed around the lower part of Skyreach Ridge back into Babbling Vale.
    • West Wind Shrine
      • Push weathered rock that leads to a nearby Gate Crystal.
    • Northwest Wind Shrine – Nearest to the shop

Battle Strategy

Before battling Exodus, remember that you can’t use weapons here. The main key to winning this battle is via attrition and kiting around. Equip your members with ranged weapons while keeping them spread out. One of his biggest weaknesses is his slow movement. While Exodus casts Reflect, immediately cast Reflect. That way, it will keep him occupied to casting nothing but Reflect.

While his Reflect is down, use items that inflict Slow or cast the spell Slow itself on him. His already slow movement lose even more speed which buys you enough time to deal damage. Also, make sure that one of your allies play the support role by casting Curaga and Haste on any of your allies. There’s another way to keep attacking. Have an ally equipped with an Opal Ring to ignore the Reflect buff Exodus has. With that, and as long as you keep kiting, it’s possible to win against him.


Level 46 EXP 0
HP 119,060 MP 999
LP 52 Clan Points 5,400
Gil 0


Elemental Resistance
Fire x1/2 Earth x1/2
Ice x1/2 Holy x1/2
Water x1/2 Dark x1/2
Wind x1/2 Elec x1/2

Status Ailments/Attributes

Immune Status Augments
Petrify Safety
Sap  No Knockback
Doom  Ignore Vitality
Silence Ignore Weather & Landscape
Oil Ignore Reflect
Disease Low-HP Def+
Disable HP Attack
Confuse Half MP
Berserk If HP <20% – Attack CT0
Immobilize Anti-Magick; if Unleash up – 0 MP and Magick CT0
 Confuse  –

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