[FFXII: TZA] How to Obtain the Best Weapons

This is the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age [FF12: TZA] guide on how to obtain the best weapons in the game. This article will cover where and how to obtain these powerful pieces of equipment, to help you gain an advantage in battle.

The Strongest Weapons

One-handed sword

Weapon Name Acquisition
Durandal Rare drop: Velelu (Nabreus Deadlands, “The Fog Mutters”, party member must have less than 20% HP)
Durandal A Bazaar: Well-forged Blade
(Lifewick × 3, Ring Wyrm Scale × 4, Leshach Halcyon × 1)
Karkata (Blood Sword A) Bazaar: Crimson Blade
(Solid Stone × 2, Vampyr Fang × 3, Dark Crystal × 15)
Kumbha (Masamune I) Bazaar: Master-Crafted Blade
(Gemsteel × 2, Orichalcum × 3, Mallet × 2)


Weapon Name Acquisition
Ultima Blade Bazaar: Ultimate Blade
(Adamantite × 2, Death Powder × 2, Gnoma Halcyon × 1)

Treasure: Phraos (Subterra, “Umbra – North”)
Excalibur Treasure: Great Crystal (Crystal Peak)
Tournesol Bazaar: The Sunflower
(Gemsteel × 3, Empyreal Soul × 3, Serpentarius × 3)
Wyrmhero Blade Bazaar: Dragon Crest
(Omega Badge × 1, Godslayer’s Badge × 1, Lu Shang’s Badge × 1)

Ninja Swords

Weapon Name Acquisition
Serpent Blade (Orochi N) Bazaar: Serpent Blade
(Cancer Gem × 3, Sickle-Blade × 2, Coeurl Whisker × 2)
Yagyu Darkblade Treasure: Great Crystal (Sirhru Jilaam Pratii’vaa)
Treasure: Cerobi Steppe (Cross Field)
Rare drop: Bombshell (Lhusu Mines, “Lasche Span”)


Weapon Name Acquisition
Muramasa Treasure: Pharos (Second Ascent, “The Bounds of Truth”)
Treasure: Cerobi Steppe (The Terraced Bank)
Rare Drop: Crypt Bunny (The Feywood, “Walk of Stolen Truths”, defeat all Tartaruses and Cerberuses in the area first)
Steal: Avenger (Pharos – Second Ascent, “Station of Ascencion”, defeat all enemies in “Station of Ascencion” first, leave the area, then reenter)
Masamune Treasure: Lhusu Mines (Site 7)
Sidequest: Hunt Club, found at Phon Coast


Weapon Name Acquisition
Zodiac Spear Treasure: Henne Mines (Special Charter Shaft)
Sidequest: Hunt Club, found at Phon Coast
Vrsabha (Dragon Whisker L) Rare Drop: Evil Spirit (Great Crystal, 5% chance of spawning instead of Forbidden)


Weapon Name Acquisition
Kanya (Whale Whisker N) Bazaar: Whisker of the Beast
(Aquarius Gem × 4 + Mithril × 3, Corpse Fly × 3)


Weapon Name Acquisition
Dhanusa(Sagittarius A) Bazaar: Silver Bow
(Sagittarius Gem × 4, Beastlord Horn × 3, Moon Ring × 3)


Weapon Name Acquisition
Tula (Gastrophetes S) Treasure: Pharos (Second Ascent, “Station of Suffering”)
Sidequest: Hunt Club, found at Phon Coast


Weapon Name Acquisition
Fomalhaut Treasure: Hene’s Mines (Phase 2)
Treasure: Cerobi Steppe (Feddik River)
Mithuna (Aldebaran Y) Bazaar: Mudslinger
(Emperor Scales × 2, Silver Liquid × 3, Earth Crystal × 8)

One-Handed Axes

Weapon Name Acquisition
Golden Axe Treasure: Necrohol of Nabudis (Cloister of Reason)
Treasure: Cerobi Steppe (The Terraced Bank)
Steal: Reaver (Pharos – Subterra)
Steal: High Reaver (Pharos – Subterra, Penumbra – South)
Bazaar: Golden Battle Axe
(Electrum × 2, Broken Greataxe × 2, Mardu Halcyon × 1)

One-Handed Hammers

Weapon Name Acquisition
Vrscika (Scorpion Tail F) Bazaar: The Scorpion
(Scorpio Gem × 4, Wyrm Bone × 3, Charged Gizzard × 3)


Weapon Name Acquisition
Mina (Shikari’s Nagasa F) Rare Drop: Lava Eater (Great Crystal, defeat all Necrophobes in area with Leo Gate Stone first, then move between that area and the Waystone XIV area)


Weapon Name Acquisition
Holy Rod Treasure: Great Crystal (Bhrum Pis Avaa)
Treasure: Cerobi Steppe (Old Elanise Road)


Weapon Name Acquisition
Cloud Staff Treasure: Great Crystal (Kabonii Jilaam Pratii’vaa)
Treasure: Cerobi Steppe (North Liavell Hills)
Bazaar: Mystic Staff
(Quality Lumber × 4, Demon Feather × 6, Storm Crystal × 7)
Staff of the Magi Treasure: Great Crystal (Sirhru Phullam Praa’vaa)


Weapon name Acquisition condition
Zeus Mace Treasure: Pharos (Second Ascent, “Station of Suffering”)
Treasure: Cerobi Steppe (The Terraced Bank)
Rare Drop: Mimeo (Pharos – First Ascent)
Rare Drop: Minibug (Barheim Passage, “East-West Bypass”)
Mob Hunt: The Child Snatcher (Diabolos)
Byblos Bone Treasure: Lhusu Mines (Site 5)
Treasure: Cerobi Steppe (The Northsward)
Steal: Yiazmat (Mob Hunt)


Weapon name Acquisition condition
Makara (Volcano T) Treasure: Henne Mines (Phase 2 Dig)
Treasure: Henne Mines (Phase 2 Shaft)


Weapon name Acquisition condition
Euclid’s Sextant Treasure: Cerobi Steppe (Crossfield)
Mob Hunt: A Wild Stench (Wild Malboro)

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The recipe for Blood Sword A appears to be wrong.

Hi, we fixed Blood Sword A already. Thank you.